Turkey and rice low fat and lower purine light working dog food
Turkey and rice low fat and lower purine light working dog food
Turkey and rice low fat and lower purine light working dog food

Turkey and rice low fat and lower purine light working dog food

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Low fat content and lower purine healthy turkey and rice working dog food. Ideal for adult working dogs with sensitive digestion or those requiring weight management.

With 13% less fat than other typical dog food recipes, this well-liked adult dry working dog food has been created to be a low-fat dog kibble. Even the most sensitive working dogs will love this dish, which simply calls for eight basic ingredients. If you want a clean, hypoallergenic food, this is the one.
The primary ingredients are rice and turkey, both of which are lower in fat and purines than the other primary ingredients. To find out why this is one of the best dry working dog foods, read the Benefits and Customer Testimonials.

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B vitamins, including B3 (niacin), B6 and B12, are abundant in turkey. Niacin is a crucial nutrient for cellular communication and energy production. Neurotransmitters require vitamin B6. The synthesis of DNA and red blood cells both require vitamin B12. Additionally rich in thiamine, folate, and riboflavin is turkey. Also, it has a sufficient amount of zinc, phosphorus, and selenium, all of which are beneficial for maintaining bone health, hormone balance, metabolism, growth, protein synthesis, genes, and enzyme activity. The nicest part about Turkey is that it's super lean! Low in fat means it will be simpler to control your dog's weight.
It is a top-notch protein that is genuinely outstanding.

But what are Purines?

They play a crucial role in a dog's life and are a necessary component of DNA. Cells contain nucleotide bases called purines. They are degraded and uric acid is created. Urinary tract stones, however, may develop if your dog isn't adequately removing uric acid levels. Additionally, crystals can develop in the joints, causing swelling and discomfort. Dry dog food with a decreased purine content could lessen these issues.

If you exercise your dog frequently and adhere to our feeding recommendations, it can be used to regulate and reduce weight.

Rice is one of the best energy sources. It contains several vitamins, including vitamin D, and is low in sodium and fat. Niacin, thiamine, calcium, and iron are also found in rice. Because rice supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, it helps to enhance your dog's bowel motions. This dish calls for white rice since it is softer than brown rice, which makes it simpler to chew and digest, making it the ideal choice for those dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Flaxseed (Linseed)
Along with other ingredients, we have included linseed. Omega oils are abundant in flaxseed, which is also known as linseed. These oils aid in maintaining a healthy immune system and coat. Linseed is sometimes referred to as a food for digestive health because it contains natural fibre.

Seaweed has also been included in this recipe. It is a plant with soluble fibre and significant amounts of minerals and amino acids. According to some theories, seaweed helps dogs live longer and strengthens their immune systems. Seaweed will aid in reducing irritation and inflammation.
Vitamins A, B12, E, and C are also present, as well as calcium, potassium, boron, and iron. It's a wonderful ingredient!

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3 Reviews:

Customer service
07 December 2022  | 

I had a couple of questions about the ingredients and delivery of the dog food and was really pleased with the quick and friendly response from customer service. I would highly recommend this company.

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Many thanks for your kind comments Margaret.

Happy dog
12 October 2021  | 

Very good very consistent product and a happy dog too


Thanks to Nutrix
09 May 2021  | 

Thanks to Nutrix as this is the only food that we have been able to find that is suitable for our 2yr old bulldog who is affected by HUU, but more recently has been suffering from allergies and he made the change over without problem.

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