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Duck & Potato Dog Food

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What Makes Us Different?

Our range of Hypoallergenic Dog Food & Cat Food contain 100% Natural Ingredients

All ingredients used in our hypoallergenic diet recipes are sourced and manufactured in the UK, using fresh salmon from Scotland, seasonally caught white fish, lamb fed here on the UK grass, UK human grade chicken, duck & other proteins sources. Put simply, nothing but the best, most fresh products go into our recipes making them a unique, naturally healthy and balanced diet for your dog and/or cat.

All the benefits of Hypoallergenic Dog Food Recipes & Wheat Free Cat Food

Our recipes are also formulated and produced by the UK's leading nutritionists, to obtain the best health for your pet. That is one of the reasons why many people turn to Nutrix whether their pets have sensitivities or not.

We solely offer gluten free dog food & cat food which have no soya, fillers, artificial colours or flavours, preservatives and are 100% lactose free. This results in a food that is kind to your pet's stomach.

We also have specialist Grain Free Recipes, including wheat free dog food, which are formulated without any grains or cereals at all - so even animals with the most sensitive stomach such as those poor dogs suffering EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) and other disorders can benefit from our range of high quality hypoallergenic dog food.

"Living with a dog literally starving and trying to get a food that would work with vet treatment/enzymes was hopeless and upsetting. Nothing worked and I was getting exhausted trying. Finally through the Internet I tracked a product through a German Shepherd rescue and after only a few day my dog is well. He even has poo that looks like poo... thank you so much. I think my dog will make it".
Jo Self
Direct to Save your Money & For a Long Shelf Life
If you are a bargain hunter, you'll be glad to hear that buying direct from Nutrix Pet Foods also means there are no distributors or wholesalers in between and that means two lots of commissions have been saved and our bags haven't traveled up and down the country to get to you - it's even better for the environment too!

All these savings, down to the last penny have been passed on to you: the consumer.
Moreover, our hypoallergenic recipes come with at least a 12 month shelf life, with our Naturals range having a 18 months shelf life thanks to the natural & safe preservatives present in the recipe. Being free of artificial preservatives means it's important you receive your food as soon as it has been made, with all our hypoallergenic dog food being made freshly within a week of your shipment!

We hope you join us in working hard towards helping spread the word about our UK made Grain Free Dog Food & Super Premium Cat Food, made of 100% top quality food. Plus, help it benefit more of our deary pets!


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Need some help choosing the most suitable recipe?
Making the right choice of food for your dog can be daunting. We are more than happy to help you find the most appropriate recipe for your dog's needs. So whether they are a puppy just starting out in life, or an old dog that's still willing to try some Nutrix (oops, terrible pun), you can call us on 01282 918001 and ask to speak to Alex, Chris or Maria.

Your dog may have specialist needs, perhaps due to an illness or a particular allergy. Whatever the problem we have the knowledge (with some help from our nutritionists) to help you make an informed decision about what's best for your dog.

You can also compare our range of products here.
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Daisy's story Our 8 month old labrador Daisy, had never had 'good' stools. They were more like yellow cowpats, sometimes bright green. She also suffered greatly with puppy wind. Eventually, things got so bad that she was passing blood and mucus as well. We took her to our vet who diagnosed colitis, prescribed anti-biotics and a change of diet to rice and fish until her stomach was settled... READ MORE
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