Limited ingredient lamb and rice low-fat dry dog food
Limited ingredient lamb and rice low-fat dry dog food
Limited ingredient lamb and rice low-fat dry dog food

Limited ingredient lamb and rice low-fat dry dog food

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Energy boosting UK grass-fed bioavailable lamb – a recipe to support the entire digestive process, the immune system and so much more.

This is a single-source novel protein recipe based on UK grass-fed lamb. As well as being an excellent recipe to help improve digestion, if your dog lacks energy, this might be the perfect recipe because lamb contains even higher levels of energy boosting iron. The ingredients in this recipe are so nutritious – see the benefits for more information. We have had great feedback such as ‘cured his bowel issues’, ‘settled flatulence and bouts of diarrhoea’ and ‘dog loves it’ – see our testimonials!

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Our UK grass-fed lamb is a novel protein for many dogs and it can therefore be very useful as part of an exclusion diet. Lamb is also very rich in heme iron which is especially good for dogs that require a boost in energy levels; for dogs heme iron is more bioabsorbable than plant iron. It is also packed full of zinc, necessary for proper immune system function. The anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fatty acid which supports skin, hair, heart, joints and brain function can also be found in lamb protein. Lamb is also good for the nervous system as it is a great source of riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6 and B12. All in all a very biologically appropriate meat source for dogs.

As this recipe has been slow-cooked at a gentle 90C, all the proteins and nutrients have been protected and are therefore all bioavailable and thus easy to digest. This process retains all the freshness giving it even more flavour. When a food is more digestible it means you are likely to notice less stools!

Brown and White Rice

Brown and white rice energise the body and provide many benefits to your pet. They are low in fat, low in sodium and provide many minerals and vitamins such as vitamin D, niacin, calcium, iron and thiamine. They are also known to help lower cholesterol. Brown rice is considered to be the healthiest and to contribute more to the production of healthy gut bacteria. However, white rice although still highly nutritious, is easier to chew and easier to digest, this is why we have included specific quantities of both to get a holistic balance.


If your dog has a healthy digestive system this means they are more likely to live a long healthy life. As this is one of our aims, we have included several types of natural prebiotics to this recipe which all come from plants. These prebiotics feed the good bacteria found in your dog’s digestive system which in turn will improve their gut flora. This means your dog is more likely to have a robust healthy immune system.


Seaweed is a superfood as they contain one of the richest sources of minerals, including amino acids that you can find in a plant. As they contain an abundance of minerals and amino acids, it is thought to help energy production and to improve immunity. It is therefore especially good for dogs with skin allergies as it can help to reduce inflammation and itching. Alginic acid found in seaweed is also known for reducing dental plaque and tartar build-up.


Many people look for barley in a dog’s food, those in the know are aware of the many beneficial properties it can offer dogs. Most of the fibre in barley is insoluble which promotes a feeling of fullness, adds bulk to stools and accelerates motility, thus reducing constipation. Barley is also a good prebiotic containing fibre, manganese, selenium, copper, B1, chromium, phosphorous and so much more!


Dandelions are a superfood and one of the safest and most digestible plants in the world, that are gentle in nature to dogs. Dandelion flowers are a high-antioxidant food, that are also easily digestible and will not cause any irritation. They can actually support the entire digestive process as well as support the immune system and help in the detoxification of the liver. In addition, like a diuretic dandelions promote urine elimination. If a dog cannot properly excrete water or accumulated excesses, this can lead to imbalances, including congestive heart failure, pulmonary oedema, arthritis, gall bladder illness, and even kidney stones. Dogs with Cushings may especially benefit from adding dandelions to their diet.


We have included alfalfa in this recipe as it is a phytonutrient supplement to help with digestive, glandular, urinary and skeletal systems. Given alongside dandelion and yucca it is known to help inflammatory joint disease. It contains an abundance of minerals and vitamins such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, betacarotene and many vitamins. It is also high in antioxidants.


We have also added a small amount of yucca as it is known to help to stabilize fermentation in the large intestine thus reducing gas and stool odour.


Linseed, also known as flaxseed, is a popular superfood that has been used for centuries to promote good health. This tiny seed is packed with nutrients that have a wide range of benefits for the body. One of the key benefits of linseed is its high content of omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are important for maintaining healthy brain function, reducing inflammation, and improving heart health. Linseed is also a good source of fiber, which can help to improve digestion and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer.

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5 Reviews:

Cured his bowel issues
11 September 2022  | 

My dog eats it and it seems to have generally cured his bowel issues.


High quality dog food
31 August 2021  | 

I especially like the quality, the ingredients and the impact of this food on my dog's stomach. She loves the food and it has really settled her flatulence and bouts of diahorrea. A choice product with excellent service from Nutrix. In my twelfth year as a customer and they provide an exceptional service. Thank you.


Dog loves it.
11 May 2020  | 

Dog loves it.


Win win!
01 November 2018  | 

Have used Nutrix for all my dogs for a number of years. It's good quality & is gentle on their sensitive digestive systems. My dogs love it & gobble it down quickly. I soak the kibble for a short while for my greyhound who has very few teeth & it prevents bloat. The dustbin Labrador also loves this kibble & still bounces up & down on the spot at 13 years old when she sees it coming. Finally, the resulting end product is minimal & firm so easy to pick up for those that need to know! Win win!


My dog loves it
10 April 2018  | 

My dog loves it and he doesnt have upset stomach any more.

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