White Fish

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Fish and rice low fat low protein dog food with dandelion
From  £18.00

A low fat and lower protein limited ingredient white fish based dry dog food with rice. Contains natural prebiotics and the superfoods dandelion and seaweed. 2Kg, 4x2kg and 10kg bags. Price shown is for 2kg.

Salmon and Potato with Trout Grain Free Fish Dog Food
From  £48.60

A specially formulated grain and cereal free dog food to stop itching. This all fish dog food is also good for digestion, sensitive skin and coat health. Available in 4x2Kg, 12Kg and 15Kg bags. Price shown is for 4x2Kg.

Grain free haddock, sweet potato and parsley for dogs
From  £18.00

Grain free haddock, fish and parsley for dogs. This is an adult fish based dry dog food without chicken - a perfect diet for dogs with a sensitive stomach. Available in 2Kg, 6Kg, 4x2Kg, 12Kg and 15Kg bags. Price shown is for 2Kg.

Senior low fat dry dog food with joint care
From  £18.00

A low-fat and highly nutritious fish-based senior dog food. Easy to digest, and excellent for delicate teeth, aging joints, arthritis, and weight control. Available in 4x2Kg, 12Kg and 15Kg bags. Price shown is for 4x2Kg.

High protein grain free fish based treats for dogs
From  £13.79

Hypoallergenic and 100% natural grain-free high protein 80% fish based treats for dogs and cats, for all life stages. Available in 1x500g and 16x500g. Price shown is for 500g.


All hypoallergenic and wholesome fish based dry dog food

Dog food with fish is an excellent source of primary protein for your dog. It is both highly palatable and easily digested. All our fish is human grade A and sourced in the UK. We offer salmon based recipes, white fish, trout, haddock, blue whiting and tuna. There is a selection of grain-free fish dog food recipes and, if you are looking for a fish based dog food with grains, we have some of those too!

All our fish has been cooked at gentle temperatures keeping in the freshness and protecting the protein and nutrients, allowing your pet to have optimal nutrient bioavailability. This allows the food to retain its full natural flavour and for nothing to be denatured. Gently cooking our fish means the nutrients, such as proteins, stay intact rather than being denatured when subject to extremely high cooking temperatures. This means that more nutrients will be absorbed by the body resulting in less waste!

We have hypoallergenic fish dog food recipes for puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs, as well as small, medium, large and giant breeds. All our dog food with fish recipes are free from the typical ingredients known to cause allergies. You won't find any wheat gluten or other fillers, no soya, no eggs or dairy, just high-quality natural ingredients.

Also, check out our grain-free fish treats