About Us

How did it all start?    

The idea for Nutrix was born in 2008. Like many dog owners we were shocked at the poor quality of ingredients in the cheaper foods and equally shocked by some of the prices charged by premium brands. 'Surely there must be a middle ground?' we thought.

And so there we found our niche. We decided we wanted to offer great quality AND value, and the best way to do that was online. We only sell online so that any savings are passed on to our customers. It's also why you won't find any '20% off' deals that some brands periodically offer throughout the year. We simply couldn't afford it.

So is there any compromise on quality?    

We don't think so. We use the same high-quality ingredients that you will find in far more expensive brands, such as Scottish salmon and British beef, lamb and poultry. These are combined with other nutritious ingredients including rice and sweet potato, as well as vegetables like carrots and asparagus, or herbs like mint and dill and even fruits such as orange, apple and mulberry (but not all in the same recipe... that would be disgusting right?)

How is the business evolving?   
People are definitely more concerned about the quality of what they feed their pets these days. And we are responding to that. We are now offering a very comprehensive range of grain-free foods which offer some more novel proteins. These are great for dogs who have an intolerance to typical proteins such as chicken or fish.

What are the plans for the future?    

We want to offer more choice to our customers and will be rolling out new recipes over the next year. We are also offering a new way to buy our dog food through our subscription service, which should take the 'OMG, I forgot to order the dog food' out of people's lives. You can subscribe here.

What else is important?  

Customer service is our other top priority, besides great quality food. Without that, your business is nothing. We can provide next day delivery if you order before 1 pm and we always aim to respond to customer enquiries within a few hours. Obviously, there are times when not everything goes to plan and it's only in those cases do you get an opportunity to shine. I think our record speaks for itself when you see the number of 5-star reviews we have. We must be doing something right. It's always a nice feeling when a new review drops and it's a positive one.