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Limited ingredient grain free duck and potato dog food
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Grain and cereal free single protein, duck and potato working dog food. Contains no fish or chicken. Naturally lower in fat too! Available in 2Kg, 4x2Kg, 12Kg and 15Kg bags. Price shown is for 2Kg.

Grain free duck and sweet potato dry dog food for allergies
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A high protein, limited ingredient grain free duck and sweet potato with cramberries and orange dry dog food. Contains prebiotics for a healthy digestion. Available in 2Kg, kg, 4x2kg, 12Kg and 15kg bags of dog food. Price shown is for 2kg.

High protein grain free poultry dog training treats
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High value grain-free 80% multi-protein poultry treats with sweet potato. Perfect for training too.


Duck and sweet potato hypoallergenic dry dog food ideal for allergies

Our UK sourced and human-grade A duck meat is a valuable source of protein. Against most people's beliefs duck is actually low in saturated fat but includes a high amount of monounsaturated fat with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. In fact, without skin and visible fat, duck meat has less fat than roasted skinless chicken breast! It provides a rich source of B vitamins and is particularly high in vitamin B12. It also contains lots of phosphorous which is good for bones and teeth. And potassium enables muscles and nerves to function properly. It is also rich in iron, zinc and selenium, plus a variety of non-essential and essential amino acids.

Our duck and potato dog food recipes are an excellent alternative for dogs that may show signs of intolerance, for example, skin irritations or gastrointestinal issues to other protein sources. But it is also formulated for everyday health and wellbeing for any pet. Many of our customers choose our dog food because it contains quality ingredients, which are highly digestible and nutritious, plus as a preventative measure to ensure reduced risks of digestive upsets and other sensitivities.

Highly Digestible and Natural with Optimal Nutrient Bioavailability for your Pet

Our human-grade duck meat is always slow-cooked at a gentle 90C, keeping in the freshness to protect the protein and nutrients. Cooking at these temperatures allows the proteins to stay intact, so they can all be digested by your pet and produce less waste!. If subjected to extremely high cooking temperatures such as 300C, this will denature the protein and decrease its bioavailability for your pet.  Rest assured that we don't!

Our duck and potato recipe has shown great success with dogs suffering EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency).

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