High protein grain free fish based treats for dogs
High protein grain free fish based treats for dogs
High protein grain free fish based treats for dogs

High protein grain free fish based treats for dogs

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80% high protein, grain-free dog fish based treats, high in Omega 3. Suitable for all life stages and good for training. 100% sourced and made the UK.

Freshly prepared and gently steamed 80% Scottish salmon, trout and white fish - totally grain-free and high in protein and Omega 3 dog and fish based treats. These hypoallergenic treats are really something special - with 80% pure fish and without grains means they really are some of the highest quality dog treats that you can buy anywhere, and they are sourced and made all in the UK!

Our fish based treats contain 48% Scottish salmon, 24% trout and 8% British white fish, these 100% natural hypoallergenic dog treats contain no added artificial colours, flavours, additives or preservatives so you can treat your dog with the best treats available. Nor do they contain any fillers, no soya, no eggs, no dairy and no added salt. Being hypoallergenic, grain and cereal free means they don't contain ingredients that are likely to irritate or cause intolerances to your dog.

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These treats are extra high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Dogs rely on Omega 3 for their vision and brain development. Omega 3 also helps to manage inflammation in the skin and joints. As dogs can't make Omega 3 in their bodies, it is important for them to get this from their diet.

As well as Omega 3, the fish in this recipe is rich in protein. Protein plays a number of important roles, such as helping to heal after an injury, it protects the bones and maintains muscle mass and much more. These fish are also high in B vitamins which help to turn food into energy, create and repair DNA and reduce inflammation. Having all the B vitamins also means you will be helping to maintain optimal functioning of your pet's brain and nervous system. These fish also contain potassium, selenium and natural antioxidants.

All our treats have all been slow-cooked at 90C to preserve its freshness and to protect the protein and nutrients, allowing your pet to have optimal nutrient bioavailability, meaning they are highly digestible. This means less waste!

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4 Reviews:

My girl loves these treats,
21 September 2022  | 

My girl loves these treats, extremely good value for money if you buy the 8kg option and high quality, much better value than any of the treats that you find in supermarkets or pets at home , To give you an idea 8kg will nearly last my girl for a year and she is a 35kg Dobermann First class customer service 👌


These little fish treats are really brilliant
14 August 2022  | 

I am not one for giving treats, but these little fish treats are really brilliant and my hounds just love them! They are an ideal size to hide in places, for hunt and find sessions, quick reward sessions and for basic training sessions, a good all rounder treat for all dogs. The main advantage of these treats are the fact that they are Hypoallergenic so you know you are doing your animals no harm as well as treating them for being good in training sessions, Try a pack and see what I mean!


My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel absolutely loves these little fish treats.
07 July 2019  | 

My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel absolutely loves these little fish treats. I gave these to her at bedtime or If I go out shopping etc., Because they are fish they are better for her digestion. after having food intolerance test from the vets, having problem with Anal glands to often. she is better with a fish type diet . Regards M Harris & C H Sutcliffe.


I know the quality of this product
06 May 2017  | 

This is my first order, but I was recently in a guide dog charity shop, and for my donating the lady gave me a bag of the Mega Fish Treats, and my dog loves them, so it nay be my first order, but I know the quality of this product 👏👏

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