Grain free salmon and trout fish based dog food
Grain free salmon and trout fish based dog food
Grain free salmon and trout fish based dog food

Grain free salmon and trout fish based dog food

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Grain free salmon and trout fish based dog food - naturally lower in fat and high in protein.  Good for allergies and a sensitive stomach.

This is a high protein, grain-free and low-fat limited ingredient fish-based dog food. All the ingredients are natural, human-grade, UK sourced and nutritionally bioavailable. Many customers say their dogs do well on this salmon and trout recipe, especially those with allergies and digestive issues, perhaps because it is naturally lower in fat, highly digestible and contains prebiotics. But when you see the benefits of the individual ingredients that might explain why.

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Salmon and Trout
Salmon is naturally high in Omega 3 and it is a favourite for dogs because this fatty acid reduces inflammation, decreases the risk of disease and even lowers blood pressure. Salmon is also rich in protein, required for healing, bone health and building muscles. It is also rich in B vitamins, which are good for energy production, the heart and brain health. There is also potassium and selenium that protects the bones and much more. Trout also has most of the above benefits, plus it is phosphorus-rich which helps to stimulate digestion.
This just fish dog food (like all our recipes) has been cooked at a gentle 90C over a longer than normal period of time. This helps to protect and retain all the nutrients and proteins, plus its freshness and full flavour. Cooking this way also means a more tasty bioavailable meal – which means a healthier dog with fewer stools!

We have included two types of natural plant-based prebiotics which help to feed healthy bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Their role is to improve your dog's gut flora which in turn improves the immune system. This may be in part why customers have said this recipe is good for their dog’s allergies and digestive issues. Recent studies show that your dog's chance of living to a good age increases if they have a healthy digestive system.

This plant is also a natural prebiotic, so there are now more than two types in this recipe. Asparagus is also loaded with vitamin K which helps protect the bones and heart. It also contains folate which is a B vitamin that is good for DNA synthesis, in that it helps the cells to divide. It is good too for coat health, and urine production and helps to reduce bloating. The glutathione found in asparagus is also an excellent antioxidant which plays a pivotal role in the detox process. Asparagus is also linked with healthier skin and better liver.

Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes support a healthy digestive system. They are easy to digest and high in fibre. They keep blood sugar levels under control by producing a steady release of energy. Sweet potatoes are also good for your dog’s eyes because of the beta-carotene they contain. They are also good for your dog’s skin and coat due to their vitamin E and vitamin C content. Vitamin C is also required for good immunity. Additionally, the magnesium in these potatoes will help lower anxiety and help to induce sleep.

This sweet potato and fish dog food is grain free and it is totally chicken free. This recipe does not contain corn, wheat, egg, dairy or soya – no fillers at all. No salt has been added, it is naturally preserved with nothing artificial. It is full of natural goodness.

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21 Reviews:

My dog Alfie loves this.
22 September 2022  | 

My dog Alfie loves this.


Helps my dog’s ear irritation
07 September 2022  | 

I’ve been using Nutrix anti itch food for about 6 months now for my Frenchie, he suffers with inflamed ears and repeated ear irritation, this food really does seem to help, his ears see, to be less prone to flare ups on Nutrix.


My dog Alfie loves this fish mix
22 August 2022  | 

My dog Alfie loves this fish mix, & it's good for his allergies too.


Altogether a superb product from a company which also provides superb customer service.
16 July 2022  | 

My dog has terrible allergy problems with intolerance to many proteins as well as grains. This food is the only one suitable for him. It has proved economical in use and the dog thrives on it as well as developing a rich coloured glossy coat (he is an Irish Setter). Pallatability is excellent. Altogether a superb product from a company which also provides superb customer service. Highly recommended.

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Great food
14 July 2022  | 

Really happy with the swift delivery of Nutrix, next day . Great food for my dog & helpful advice from Chris. I am so happy to have switched across to Nutrix.


Our dog love it.
24 June 2022  | 

Our dog love it. He's a healyhy boy and requires nothing else.


Dogs have prospered
15 June 2022  | 

Dogs have prospered ever since they started on this food.


12 May 2022  | 



Very good
02 May 2022  | 

Very good


My cocker spaniel has never been so good since changing to your food
13 April 2022  | 

My cocker spaniel has never been so good since changing to your food and loves it too which is a bonus and our other dog who doesn't need it, loves it just as much. I didn't think I would persuade them to change to a dry diet but had no worries at all.


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