Low fat  and lower purine turkey and rice light dog food
Low fat  and lower purine turkey and rice light dog food
Low fat  and lower purine turkey and rice light dog food

Low fat and lower purine turkey and rice light dog food

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Low fat content and lower purine healthy turkey and rice dog food. Ideal for adult dogs with a sensitive digestion or those requiring weight management.

This popular adult dry dog food has been formulated to be a low-fat dog kibble 13% less fat than other standard recipes. There are only eight simple ingredients which means it is ideal for even the most sensitive of dogs. It is perfect if you are looking for a hypoallergenic clean recipe. We have included turkey and rice because, as well as being lower in fat, it is also lower in purines and so are all the other ingredients. See the Benefits and our Testimonials!

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Turkey is a rich source of B vitamins including B3 (niacin), B6 and B12. Niacin is an essential vitamin for energy production and cell communication. B6 is vital for neurotransmitters. B12 is crucial for DNA and the formation of red blood cells. Turkey is also high in folate and thiamine and riboflavin. It is packed with selenium, phosphorus and zinc, which are vital for bone health, hormones, metabolism, growth, protein synthesis, genes and enzyme reaction. There are so many benefits to eating turkey and, best of all, it is lean! Being low in fat means it would be easier to manage the weight of your dog. It is truly a great source of high-quality protein.

But what are Purines?
Purines are nucleotide bases found in cells. They are an essential part of DNA and are important to a dog's life. Purines are broken down to produce uric acid. If your dog is not clearing uric acid levels properly, urinary-tract stones can form. Also, crystals can form in the joints, which can then cause inflammation and pain - a low-purine dry dog food may help reduce these issues.

This turkey and rice recipe has also been formulated to be a healthy low-fat dog kibble and can be used as a weight reduction or weight control dog food. Just make sure you follow the feeding guidelines and offer your dog plenty of exercise.

Rice is a healthy source of energy because it is low in fat, low in sodium and is a good source of vitamin D. It also contains thiamine, iron, calcium and niacin. Rice-based dog food helps improve bowel movements, as it contributes to the development of friendly gut bacteria. We have added white rice to this recipe because it is softer than brown rice, so it is easier to chew and simpler to digest than brown rice. It is an ideal kibble for sensitive stomachs.

We have added some seaweed to this recipe, a soluble fibre plant that contains one of the richest sources of minerals and amino acids. Seaweed is thought to enhance the immune system and to promote longevity in dogs. It can also help to reduce inflammation and itching. Seaweed contains calcium, potassium, boron, iron and vitamins A, B12, E and C. It is an altogether amazing ingredient!

You will also find as one of the eight ingredients some linseed also known as flaxseed. Linseed is filled with Omega oils! These oils will help to provide a healthy coat and a healthy immune system. As linseed contains natural fibre it can also be called a digestive health dog food.

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28 Reviews:

Turkey and rice lower purine
23 December 2022  | 

My dog loves this food and his coat is now really glossy. It always arrives very promptly.
Thank you.

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Thanks for leaving a review. I am glad to hear your dog is doing so well on our food.

18 October 2022  | 

My dog has been on this food for 6 months now and is thriving. She has leishmaniasis so a low Purine diet is very important to her health. So far her coat is shinier, her blood tests are looking good and she has loads of energy. Always delivered on time and competitively priced, especially compared with other well known brands. Would definitely recommend



So glad she is doing well now.

Seems better than many mainstream competitors
16 September 2022  | 

Good product, seems better than many mainstream competitors' offerings, and the end user is very satisfied!


Ideal for my Dalmatian
01 September 2022  | 

Ideal for my Dalmatian who is a stone former suits him really well. Reasonably priced.


I'm really happy I've found Nutrix
13 August 2022  | 

My dog is a rescue from Greece, she has leishmaniasis and xanthine stones, and needs a low purine diet. I'm really happy I've found Nutrix, as an alternative to the other low purine foods. She seems quite happy with it, and I sometimes mix it with a little chicken.


Very happy
18 July 2022  | 

Very happy with this product.


My dog has bladder stone issues and she has been using this product for years. She has not had any issues and she does love the food.
15 July 2022  | 

Comes in different sizes and is low in purines for my dogs bladder stone issues.


Excellent quality
07 June 2022  | 

Dog is satisfied and not constantly looking for food


low purine formula
29 May 2022  | 

dog seems to enjoy


Good for low purine diet
22 May 2022  | 

Seems to work well for my little dog who has leishmaniasis and needs a low purine diet. The ingredients all look to be good quality and the dog seems to enjoy it - I feed with a small amount of canned food (to hide tablets in) or with a splash of water. Good for dogs who eat too quickly and who good do with losing a few pounds like my girl!


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