Low fat natural adult sensitive chicken and rice for dogs
Low fat natural adult sensitive chicken and rice for dogs
Low fat natural adult sensitive chicken and rice for dogs

Low fat natural adult sensitive chicken and rice for dogs

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Chicken and rice low-fat complete dog food, made without peas, legumes, potatoes, or corn.

This natural chicken reduced fat dog food is ideal for overweight adult dogs, and it's also perfect for general weight maintenance. It contains simple yet very nutritious ingredients designed to be gentle on the stomach. It's also a good dog food for skin conditions, providing all the energy your adult dog needs and reduces stool odour.

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Our UK-sourced human-grade, slow cooked chicken, helps to retain all the nutritional benefits. As well as being rich in protein, it's lean and therefore an easily digestible low-fat dog food. Chicken is rich in phosphorus, an essential mineral to support the teeth, kidneys, liver, and central nervous system function. Our chicken is also abundant in selenium, crucial for metabolic function. Chicken is also rich in Vitamin B, which helps keep blood vessels healthy and energy levels high. It enables your dog's metabolism to keep burning calories and manage a healthy weight.

We have included rice in this recipe because it's an important source of energy for your dog. Rice has a low percentage of fat and is low in sodium. Rice energises both the body and the brain and is a good source of vitamins, one of which is vitamin D. There are also several minerals in our rice, for example, niacin, calcium, iron and thiamine, which are all-natural! Did you know that rice helps to improve bowel movement? Rice helps develop good bacteria in the intestines and helps avoid diarrhea. Also, if your dog's cholesterol levels are high, rice can help.

Brewer's Yeast
In this recipe, you can see we've also added brewer's yeast in this dog food, which is rich in B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9). It is also high in antioxidants that promote healthy skin, coat, eyes, and liver function. How could we not include it when there are so many benefits? On top, there's more selenium, potassium, chromium, iron, zinc and magnesium to be found in brewer's yeast. What's extra special is that this ingredient is known to repel fleas and ticks!

You may also notice that there is some yucca schidigera included. Yucca in dog food is becoming quite popular because it is a natural waste odour control. Yucca can inhibit the production of nasty smelling hydrogen sulfide in the large intestine and thus in stools. The overall decrease in smell is a proven 26%.

Omega 3 and 6
Included in this recipe are the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, both of which play an important part in your dog's diet. Each measured portion of your dog food will contain the amounts necessary for optimum health.

It is a wheat-gluten free dry dog food recipe, without any soya or anything artificial.

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12 Reviews:

An excellent product
29 November 2020  | 

An excellent product which works really well for my gundogs. Ordering on line is easy, delivery is quick & efficient and packaging is robust. Excellent service, .

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Suits out dog
08 November 2019  | 

Suits out dog who has a very sensitive stomach, always arrived promptly after ordering.


Harley loves them
01 June 2019  | 

We ordered sample packs of these and Harley loves them hence the order for two big bags.


Re-ordering is simple
03 April 2019  | 

Re-ordering is simple and delivery really fast. This is great for dogs with sensitive stomachs and very good value when compared to other brands.


Great quality
10 June 2018  | 

Great quality, our dog hasn't had any more stomach problems, would recommend.


My dog loves this
27 May 2018  | 

My dog loves this. Great for his itchy skin allergy. Wouldn't use any other food or treats for him now.


Dog food is of excellent quality
24 August 2017  | 

Dog food is of excellent quality. All my Flatcoated retrievers thrive on it as does my friend's black labrador.. We are delighted with the product.


29 April 2017  | 

Great in all aspects delivery price and my dog loves it.


Been using this product for years.
08 April 2017  | 

Been using this product for years. Excellent food for my pooch who has a skin condition. Also order biscuit treats from here, which he loves. Very good quality food.


I have three dogs and they all love the food.
31 March 2017  | 

I have three dogs and they all love the food.


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