Lamb and rice working dog food
Lamb and rice working dog food
Lamb and rice working dog food

Lamb and rice working dog food

(VAT Free)
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A naturally low-fat lamb and rice working dog food, made without any fish. Free from legumes, potatoes and maize.

This adult low-fat new protein working dog food was made using natural lamb that was raised on grass. This dish excludes peas and other legumes. In addition, it is made without using any potatoes or corn. Additionally, it is a salmon oil and fish-free dog food. For dogs with allergies, this meal is a fantastic option. It's highly appropriate for mature working dogs who need to eat well-balanced nutrients as well as dogs who have digestive issues.

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For working dogs, lamb is a well-proven protein source that also closely resembles their ancestors' diets. This dish can also be a good option if you want to introduce a novel protein to your dog if they aren't used to eating lamb. The synthesis of your dog's blood is greatly aided by the iron level of lamb, which is far higher than that of most other proteins present in dog food. It also contains a lot of zinc, which is important for boosting your dog's immune system.

Omega 3
Omega 3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory and provide your dog with good skin and a shiny coat, are found in high concentrations in lamb.
Additionally beneficial to heart, musculoskeletal, and cognitive function are these fatty acids. In addition, lamb is a good source of B vitamins like riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), vitamin B12, and B6, all of which are beneficial to dogs' nervous systems. This lamb-based working dog food also contains linoleic acid (CLA), which is believed to aid in weight loss and enhance muscle performance.

Because it contains less than 10% fat, making it a premium low-fat dog food, this recipe can be the best adult dog food for weight loss if you follow our feeding recommendations.

We've added rice to complete this grain inclusive dog food recipe because it also considered low fat. Rice is low in sodium and contains important minerals and vitamins like vitamin D, niacin, iron, calcium and thiamine. Rice is also great if you want to improve your dog's gut health, as it helps against diarrhea and improves bowel movements. Rice contributes to healthy bacteria in your dog's gastrointestinal system, making it an all-round healthy adult dog food for various digestive issues.

This dog food also contains 100% natural yucca schidigera plant extract. It also enhances nutrition absorption, which reduces unpleasant odours in the stool. According to numerous studies, yucca can cut the smell of your dog's stinky poop by up to 26%.

Omega oils
Even though this recipe doesn't include any fish, it nevertheless has all the essential Omega fatty acids. It is a fantastic option for dogs who are allergic to all seafood!

Brewers yeast
Brewer's yeast has also been included in the recipe. Because brewer's yeast naturally repels fleas and ticks, we add it to dog food. In addition to being loaded with antioxidants, brewer's yeast is particularly high in the B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, and B9). Selenium, potassium, chromium, iron, zinc, and magnesium are all present. All of these components have a relaxing effect on dogs and will assist your working dog's skin, coat, eyes, and liver function.

Free from potatoes, corn, peas and legumes
This adult dog food has no legumes and is free from potatoes. It's also a dog food without corn and wheat. This makes it suitable as an exclusion diet or for those looking for a potato, pea and lentil free dog food.

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Very good.
02 October 2017  | 

Very good.

Free From Corn
Free From Fish
Free From Legumes
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Free From Chicken