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Limited ingredient lamb and rice low-fat dry dog food

A low-fat natural lamb and rice dry dog food. An ideal weight management dog food that does not contain chicken. Available in 4x2Kg, and 12Kg bags. Price shown is for 4x2Kg.

£27.34 (ex. VAT)
Low fat natural lamb and rice dog food

A naturally low fat dog food to help lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Free from legumes and without fish. Perfect for digestive health. Available in 4x2Kg, 12Kg and 15Kg bags. Price shown is for 4x2Kg.

£23.33 (ex. VAT)
Grain free lamb dog food with mint for dog breath

Single and novel protein grain free lamb dog food that is good for allergies. Contains probiotics for dogs with herbal mint for dog breath, without chicken. Available in 6Kg, 4x2Kg, and 12Kg bags. Price shown is for 6Kg.

£22.47 (ex. VAT)

Natural hypoallergenic lamb based dry dog food

Our hypoallergenic grass-fed lamb has been sourced in the UK and is 100% natural and human-grade. Lamb is particularly good for the immune and nervous system and it is packed full of valuable biologically appropriate meat, which mirror the ancestral diets of dogs.

Grass-fed lamb has a lot more iron than other protein sources which dogs find easier to absorb than the iron found in plants. Lamb is also good for the nervous system as it contains a good amount of B vitamins ie B2, B3, B6 and B12. Lamb naturally contains lots of zinc which is good for the immune system and even Omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for healthy skin and coat. It also contains lots of protein which is biologically appropriate for dogs.

Many people that buy our lamb dog food recipes do so because it is an excellent alternative source of protein for dogs that may show signs of intolerance to other proteins manifesting in skin irritations or gastrointestinal issues.

Optimal Nutrient Bioavailability

We slow-cook our human-grade lamb at a gentle 90C, to retain the freshness and to protect the protein and its nutrients. By cooking at these temperatures, this allows the proteins to stay intact, so they can all be bioavailable to you dog, meaning it becomes highly digestible and your pet will produce less waste! If subjected to extremely high cooking temperatures such as 300C, this will denature the protein and reduce its bioavailability for your pet.  So you know, we don't do this!

All of our lamb dog food recipes are hypoallergenic so they are good for allergies, they are natural and contain nothing to harm your dog, no hidden ingredients, no fillers, no artificial preservatives, colours, additives, no soya, no wheat gluten, no eggs and no dairy.  Just 100% natural healthy ingredients.

We have grain-free lamb and potato dog food recipes and lamb dog food with grains such as rice.

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