All-in-One Dental Treats and Breath Freshener for Dogs
All-in-One Dental Treats and Breath Freshener for Dogs
All-in-One Dental Treats and Breath Freshener for Dogs

All-in-One Dental Treats and Breath Freshener for Dogs

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All-in-one natural dog breath freshener, teeth cleaner and whitener, with natural tartar and plaque control.

Does your dog ever have bad breath, plaque, tartar, gum issues, or even an aversion to teeth brushing time? Then these grain free treats might be exactly what you are looking for. They have been especially formulated for dogs to naturally have a cleaner and healthier oral cavity to produce whiter teeth and healthier gums with a much fresher breath!

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Turkey and Wild Boar

These treats contain 65% of mouth watering human-grade fresh turkey and wild boar that your dog will absolutely love.

Activated Charcoal for Whitening Dogs Teeth and Eliminating Oral Bacteria

Does your dog have bad breath and/or stained teeth?  Then having activated charcoal for dogs in a treat might just be what the doctor ordered. Giving your dog activated charcoal will safely help to remove bacteria and plaque from their mouth whilst at the same time help to eliminate pesticides and herbicides that might have been accidentally ingested. It can also treat a sensitive stomach, IBS, and other body odours to name but a few. Dogs seem to know instinctively that it is good for them, they love it and it has been given to dogs for hundreds of years!  Our activated charcoal is human-grade and not like the charcoal you find in the fireplace or bbq and so it is not toxic to your pet.

Peppermint Leaf and Parsley to Neutralize and Freshen your Dog’s Breath

As well as being good for digestion, these herbs will help to neutralize and freshen your dog’s breath.  They are rich in antioxidants helping to fight free radicals plus they are rich in nutrients helping to build immunity from diseases.

Green Tea Extract Against Bacteria and Plaque

We have added natural green tea extract because it is thought to help in controlling bacteria, which can contribute to poor oral health. This will help your dog to have a much fresher breath. In a two week study dogs given green tea showed a 37% reduction in plaque build-up.  The catechins in green tea is also known to help reduce inflammation, which may help to address periodontal disease and thus bad breath. Green tea is also good for your dog’s skin and ears. In small amounts green tea is a safe and an effective contribution to your dog’s oral health.

Graham’s Salt for Tartar Removal

Sodium Hexametaphosphate (also called Graham’s Salt) is a food-grade gluten free salt found in many of our whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes. It helps to reduce the build up of tartar and stains on teeth by absorbing the minerals needed for tartar production. It also has other uses such as an emulsifier and thickener, and so can be found in dairy products, soups and juices to help prevent pulp settling at the bottom.  It is also used in water treatment.

Adding cellulose to our treats helps to reduce dental plaque and gum inflammation. By slightly altering the texture to increase chewing time, cleansing becomes more thorough. This is a natural dietary source of fibre found in the cell walls of plants.  It also helps support a healthy digestion including motility and it excels at absorbing water to help produce good stools.

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