Grain-free turkey and sweet potato dog food with cranberry
Grain-free turkey and sweet potato dog food with cranberry
Grain-free turkey and sweet potato dog food with cranberry

Grain-free turkey and sweet potato dog food with cranberry

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Grain-free and human grade turkey based dog food, with sweet potato and cranberry. A high protein, all natural and fish-free dry dog food. Ideal for digestive, skin and coat issues plus allergies.

This natural grain free turkey and sweet potato with cranberry dry dog food is an ideal recipe for high performance dogs or dogs requiring a high protein dog food recipe.  It has been formulated to include sweet potato and cranberry. Cranberry is a great source of vitamin C, E and K and dietary fibre which contributes to general health and wellbeing.

This recipe also contains the natural prebiotics MOS and FOS to help improve you dog's gut health. This is  a therefore, a good dry dog food for digestive problems. Our human grade turkey and sweet potato recipe is free from the typical ingredients that are known to cause allergies, also making it an ideal recipe for dogs with any sensitivities.

To see what this turkey, sweet potato and cranberry dog food can do for your dog, view our dog food testimonials.

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Many dog owners prefer turkey as a source of protein, especially if their dog is allergic to chicken or beef. It has a low glycemic index (GI) and is a highly digested protein, both of which assist manage blood sugar levels. Additionally, turkey meat is a good source of the B vitamins B3, B6, and B12. It also contains a lot of zinc, a crucial mineral for protein synthesis and enzyme action, as well as selenium, which helps control metabolism and development rate. Additionally, turkey includes L-triptophan, a substance linked to sleepiness since it is required for the body to produce the neurotransmitter serotonin. Turkey is renowned for having anti-cancer qualities.  

Turkey includes riboflavin and phosphorus and is high in protein but relatively low in fat. Canines benefit greatly from consuming riboflavin-rich foods on a daily basis. The vitamin is in charge of how carbohydrates and lipids are converted into energy. Additionally, riboflavin is essential for the development of red blood cells, which transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body of the dog. Phosphorus helps maintain healthy kidney function in dogs, which aids in the body's ability to eliminate toxins through the dog's urine. In turn, this aids a dog in keeping itself in the finest possible health.

Additionally, phosphorus helps dogs maintain regular heart rates and supports muscle contractions that in turn support motor activities. This enhances a dog's ability to exercise, chew, or follow you on morning runs.

Antioxidants and minerals included in cranberries improve your pet's immune system and reduce inflammation. An important part of keeping dogs healthy is antioxidant intake. For instance, they help ease allergies and skin issues while enhancing cognitive performance.

This acidic, red fruit has few calories and is rich in potassium, fiber, and vitamin C. The risk of acquiring heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and some gastrointestinal illnesses is reduced thanks to fiber. Among other advantages, cranberries can help your dog's bladder function, lessen tartar and plaque formation, combat infection, and prevent cancer.

Sweet potatoes
A great source of carbs is sweet potatoes. They provide a significant amount of fiber to support a robust digestive system, which will help generate sturdy stools. Sweet potatoes can aid in blood sugar control since they are easy to digest and gradually release their energy. Sweet potatoes' high beta-carotene content has been shown to improve your dog's vision. Additionally, sweet potatoes include vitamins E and C, both of which are excellent for maintaining healthy skin and hair.
Vitamin C also supports the immune system. They also contain healthy quantities of magnesium, which may ease anxiety and improve sleep.

This recipe has been supplemented with chicory and other naturally occurring plant-based prebiotics. These are known as MOS and FOSThey feed the good bacteria Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, which improve your dog's gut flora and support immunity in general. According to more recent study, a healthy stomach boosts the possibility of having a healthy brain in old age.

Omega 3 and 6
Linseeds, also referred to as flaxseeds, are rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6. We chose to include them in this recipe since they are crucial fatty acids that will be very useful to your dog. Omega 6 will help soften and improve the gloss of your dog's coat and is essential for immunity and a variety of cellular activities. Omega 3 is good for the nervous system, the brain, and vision. Additionally, these omega oils are proven to help lessen joint and skin inflammation. Flaxseeds are good for digestion because of their high natural fibre content, which also helps with the formation of firm stools.

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16 Reviews:

Helps my dog's ear irritation
07 September 2022  | 

I've been using Nutrix anti itch food for about 6 months now for my Frenchie, he suffers with inflamed ears and repeated ear irritation, this food really does seem to help, his ears see, to be less prone to flare ups on Nutrix.


16 August 2022  | 

Excellent Grain Free Dog Food.


Great food
14 July 2022  | 

Really happy with the swift delivery of Nutrix, next day . Great food for my dog & helpful advice from Chris. I am so happy to have switched across to Nutrix.


My four greyhounds absolutely love it !
18 June 2022  | 

My four greyhounds absolutely love it ! Highly recommended if your dog is a fussy eater.


Great quality food
03 May 2022  | 

Great quality food, my dog's fur is shiny and he is healthy and happy. What more can I ask? He has allergies but the Nutrix pet food seems to ease the problems. I wouldn't change it for anything.


Love it.
19 February 2022  | 

Love it.


Amazing food
01 December 2021  | 

Amazing food, it's the only food that agrees with my 2 staffies. When they switched to this food the change was almost instant, no more nasty smells!


Great high quality food which my dogs love.
16 November 2021  | 

My dogs love this food and I love it because they do. High quality ingredients with a great choice in flavours. Also a great size for training treats. Highly recommend.


Very pleased
18 October 2021  | 

Very pleased with biscuits so far.


01 July 2021  | 

Have been purchasing for a few years now. My dog has skin condition and tends to smell! Poor thing.. This new food I have tried is definitely helping him. Very good quality food and would not change to another brand ever!


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