Chicken and rice puppy food
Chicken and rice puppy food
Chicken and rice puppy food

Chicken and rice puppy food

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A holistic, chicken and rice high energy puppy food, ideal for dry or sensitive itchy skin allergies, or puppies with a sensitive stomach.

This chicken and rice recipe is a holistic complete puppy food. It is legume-free with glucosamine and chondroitin and supporting compounds for joint care.  Also, with ingredients to transform fat into energy your puppy will, with the natural prebiotics in this recipe, and with additional vitamins, minerals and antioxidants have a lucky start in life.

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Chicken is a low-fat source of protein, which is particularly good for growth and development. It is rich in phosphorous, supporting teeth, bones, kidneys, liver and the central nervous system function. It also contains lots of selenium and vitamin B6, which is good for metabolism, helping to burn calories and maintain a healthy weight. Chicken also contains minerals and vitamins to promote eye health, guard against DNA damage and much more. Chicken contains riboflavin, which helps to reduce skin problems and repair dry or damaged skin.

We added rice to this recipe to make this a healthy puppy food. Dog food for puppies need some carbohydrate, and rice helps to energize their brain and body. Rice contains a low percentage of fat, and it is also low in sodium. It contains vitamin D and minerals such as niacin, iron, calcium and thiamine. Rice will also feed the good bacteria in your puppy's body, helping to make firmer stools and improve overall health.

Legume Free
Many people look for hypoallergenic dog foods without legumes, or dog food without pea protein, or dog food without peas, potatoes and legumes. This recipe does not contain any of them at all. It is just about the most sensitive puppy food you'll find!

This high-quality puppy food contains the natural prebiotics MOS and FOS that are good for your pet's immunity. These naturally occur in plants such as chicory, asparagus, artichokes and onions, and they help keep your puppy's gut health in good working condition. MOS and FOS feed the good bacteria, allowing them to grow and ensure they populate the gut in healthy numbers. Bacteria such as salmonella and clostridium will therefore find it hard to take over.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin
These are the most common joint supplements for puppies. They help the movement and suppleness of the connective tissues and help with injuries. When recovering from an injury, a complete puppy food containing glucosamine may support and repair damaged cartilage by increasing collagen. Chondroitin is an essential component of cartilage and gives cartilage its elasticity. Together these ingredients have a synergistic effect that may help to ease recovery.

MSM is a natural organic sulphur-containing compound made by plants. It is well known to help improve the efficiency of chondroitin and glucosamine (see above). MSM also contains properties that help chronic pain perception, decreasing discomfort from injuries, arthritis etc. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can help all sorts of allergic responses, making this recipe a perfect puppy food for allergies. MSM is also an antioxidant, inactivating harmful free radicals to help with stress, pollution, heavy metals and organic contaminants found in drinking water.

Linseeds - Omega 3 and Omega 6
The linseeds (also called flaxseeds) included in this recipe are rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. These are important for the health of your growing puppy. Omega 3 is key to a puppy's early brain, central nervous tissue, and vision development and helps any inflammation of skin and joints. Omega 3 also aids many other physiological functions. Omega 6 is essential for growth, immune and cell functions and skin and coat health. Puppies cannot make these fatty acids on their own. Flaxseeds also help digestion and support the GI tract with their natural fibre content.

You're less likely to have nasty-smelling gas coming from your puppy's stools if you add natural yucca schidigera in dog food. It helps to stabilise fermentation in the large intestine and inhibit gram-positive bacteria in the large intestine. The yucca plant has been used for decades in animal feeds for and for the same reason!

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you may have heard about L-Carnitine as a weight-loss supplement and its use in enhancing athletic performance. L-Carnitine is a natural amino acid that helps the body transform fat into energy, and it works in dogs too. L-Carnitine will help your puppy maintain a healthy weight. It is an excellent dog food for puppies.

Brewers Yeast for Dogs
Brewers yeast is rich in the vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B9 eg. thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, and the benefits are enormous! It is very high in antioxidants and promotes healthy skin, hair, eyes and liver function, and all-round health. Brewers yeast in dog food is also known to reduce anxiety in pets and even repel fleas and ticks.

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5 Reviews:

No qualms about recommending this food
17 July 2022  | 

I just wanted to echo some of your other positive testimonials and say thanks. We had Maple our 3 year old Labrador bitch on another branded dog food under the recommendation of a breeder. However she always had runny stools and the food was obviously disagreeing. Having read a lot of reports online why wheat and cereal rich dog food is not natural for dogs I discovered your brand and decided to give it a try. First time we fed it to Maple she went wild with excitement and scoffed it down. Amazingly her stools firmed up immediately and she is visibly much healthier. She has just had puppies and I am sure the protein rich diet has helped her through this difficult feeding period when her 9 pups really take it out of her. We have now weaned the puppies onto your puppy food and they are thriving on it. During the early weaning process we tried various other puppy food, soaking it beforehand to make it easy in the early stages. However the other food was often very difficult to mash up as it had a rather unpleasant spongy texture. In contrast your Nutrix food is very easy to soak and mash up for the puppies which tells me that the right ingredients have gone into it. I have no qualms in recommending to others and will tell all our 8 new puppy owners that they should seriously consider Nutrix as the best food.


Happy dogs
04 June 2021  | 

Very pleased with this dry dog food. My 11 yr old lab and my new lab puppy wolf it down!


Good delivery and price
12 May 2021  | 

Good delivery and price and hoping that our new puppy take to the food, so only just starting him on it gradually, only four stars because we ordered two other products and they haven't arrived yet, hopefully will be soon.


Highly recommend it .
12 September 2020  | 

Used the Adult super premium for my last dog who had to be on a low purine diet, and that worked wonders got his PH balance right, which the vet recommended food didn't. When I got my new puppy who was 6 months old, he was having tummy troubles due to the food the previous owners were feeding him on, so I changed him to the Super Premium - Puppy Chicken & Rice and he is so much better and more active. Highly recommend it .


Good service
22 May 2019  | 

Good service, quick delivery. Food appears to be of good quality.

For Joint Care
Free From Legumes
With Prebiotics