Why dogs eat grass

Why dogs eat grass

It's most definitely NOT because he thinks he's a cow. Truth be told there is no real agreement on why dogs eat grass, so here are some of the top theories as to why your canine friend likes to munch on the green stuff.

Top theories as to why dogs eat grass:

Your dog has a stomach condition.

You've probably seen this happen when, as soon as your dog is outside, they rush to chomp down on the nearest patch of grass and promptly vomit as soon as they've had their fill. It's possible they have a feeling of nausea or an inflammation of the digestive system and this is one way they have found that eases the irritation. Dogs don't actually have the necessary enzymes to digest grass.

Dogs like the taste of grass

Most dogs we know will scrape up every last morsel from their food bowl and sniff out every last crumb they can find from under the dining table. They are perhaps looking for something that fills a need they are not getting from their current food, maybe the taste or maybe in the texture and fibrous feeling from the grass. It's possible that you need to assess your dog's diet and ensure that they are getting enough of the essential nutrients and fibre they need. All Nutrix recipes are designed as complete foods so you can be sure your dog is getting everything they need.

Your dog eats grass because he is bored

If your dog has been alone by himself for an extended period the chances are that eating grass is nothing more than simply having something to do. Dogs do require adequate exercise and mental stimulation, so it may be worth looking at how much time you are spending with him. Alternatively get another dog if your circumstances and time permit.

Do I need to stop my dog eating grass?

At the end of the day, most experts agree that eating grass will not do any harm to your dog. But ensure your dog has a good diet and is properly exercised and stimulated. The only times for concern would be if your dog has been grass that has been treated with pesticides and weed killer, or if they eat a plant that is naturally toxic. Nutrix grain free dog food recipes contain all the nutrition your dog needs for a healthy life.

Photo by Angel Luciano