Razor the German shepherd - EPI success and amazing progress for an EPI dog

Razor the German shepherd - EPI success and amazing progress for an EPI dog

Razor my german shepherd was 14 months when he took ill. It was the week before christmas. It started with him being sick and bringing back his drinking water, then the diarrhea started - it was pure blood, also by this point his sick had blood in to so we got straight into the vets the vet gave him an injection to stop the sickness and said if he was still poorly bring him back after the Christmas holidays that was a Wednesday. The vet also told us only to feed Razor on chicken, turkey, rice, pasta, fresh fish and eggs. So we went home and razor did stop being sick, but his stools were getting worse with more and more blood by Christmas day. It was terrible, I was in tears but we gave him turkey and rice to eat. He wasn't keen on the rice and on the Monday after Christmas we phoned the vets, it was closed. So we found an emergency vets that was open, they said he had a case of gastroenteritis and they gave him antibiotics and special tinned dog food

By Thursday Razor was being sick again so we went back to the vets they gave him another injection and another set of anti biotics and told us to keep him on rice, pasta, chicken, fish and eggs and that they wanted to see him the following week. The next week they didn't want to give us more antibiotics so they gave us some powder to mix in with his food. By this time the blood in his stools had stopped but it was still very sloppy. Once again we were told to keep giving him rice etc etc which we did and by the weekend everything was still the same. I made Razor his tea, he had chicken, rice and i mixed some sensitive dog biscuits in to his meal. It was a very well known expensive brand and as soon as he ate it i new something was wrong, he just lay on the floor all night and just slept.

The next day we got up there was sick every where. At this point my husband phoned the vet in tears and was told to bring him straight over. We did they said it would be best if they did blood tests and we agreed. They did two tests. They put him back on antibiotics and another sickness injection. It was two weeks till the results came back and his EPI was clear, but he had a vitamin b12 deficiency this meant injections for 6 weeks then everyfortnight for 6 weeks and antibiotics. We were told not to give him dog food but to keep him on rice pasta chicken etc. so we did. 4 weeks of injections and antibiotics and Razor's stools were still the same. I can't exress how me and my husband were feeling at this point. When we fed him, he used to pick the chicken out and try to leave the rice and pasta, we even asked the vet can we not give him chicken alone, she told us this would be a wrong move as he would need other neutrients.

Then I saw an ad for nutrix petfood and I emailed and asked if it would be any good for Razor. Maria told me to phone her so I did. I explained everything and Maria sent me a free small bag of some duck and potato for Razor to try. We received it Thursday afternoon and razor had 2 bowls of it that day. Then Friday... I honestly could not beleive it, Razor's stools were almost perfect but by Saturday they were perfect! Today is Tuesday and me and my husband have been dancing in the garden today as today is day 5 with normal stools and I honestly can not thank Maria and Nutrix Petfoods enough. It was obviously Razor's diet that the vet was advising which was making his stools sloppy. We have being going to the vets every week now since last December some weeks twice a week, yet a ten minute conversation with Maria was more help to us than weeks of advice from both of the vets. I can not thank Maria enough ... Thanks Maria x

Susan Clinton

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