Phillip's Weimeraners Helping with a sensitive digestion

Phillip's Weimeraners Helping with a sensitive digestion

Just a belated thank you for your kind telephone help and for providing such an excellent product. I have just sent in my third order.

As a testimonial here are a few details.

We live in France and have an Englsh male weimaraner (9 years old) and a French female weimaraner (5 years old).

The male has always seemed to have a 'sensitive' stomach and always suffered from flatulence. As he got older he seemed to 'blow up' in size at night and always looked overweight in spite of eating the same amount as our female and both having masses of exercise. Our french vet said it was just due to different metabolisms. He did find a slight heart murmur and has been on vetmedin for the past 2 years to control it. We tried all the good makes of dog meal including gluten free and usually mixed it with a small amount of canned food. He eventually started to have constant diarrhea. Tests this time showed a pancreas imbalance. We put him onto a fresh chicken diet and he seemed a lot better. Whenever we tried mixing it with any allergy or gluten free dog meal the problem would return again. The vet supplied some special food at 80 euros a bag and this did not work either.

After to talking to Nutrix on the phone they explained about EPI and supplied us with Duck and Potato Hypoallergenic Wheat Grain and Cereal Free Recipe and Fish & Potato Hypoallergenic also Tree Bark Powder and suggested we get some Viatamin D supplement (I forget the name of them at the moment)

Since he has been on the Nutrix food there has been an amazing change.

He has lost all the bloated look, his stomach is silent and he has solid stools. He looks years younger. Over the few months that he has been on this food we no longer have to give him the vitamin supplement and even if he steals some of the cats food or eats some of the other dogs canned meat he no longer gets the instant runs that would happen before.

I do not think he has ever had full EPI he has obviously had a milder form but the results have been fantastic so thank you very much for your excellent products and I confidently recommend them to everyone. These products have also saved us a lot in continual vets bills.

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