Kita - an EPI success story

Kita - an EPI success story

Hi my name is Mark and this is the story of my dog Kita.

In June 2011 I purchased a beautiful Japanese Akita puppy which the children named Kita she was a happy and healthy dog with a fantastic temperament and all was well.

In November she started to have a bout of diarrhoea I was not alarmed as dogs do tend to get this from time to time, I did the normal thing and gave her a bland diet of boiled rice and chicken expecting this to clear up the problem in a couple of days however this did not happen. After a week of persistent diarrhoea I took Kita to the vets with some concern as she was also visibly losing weight, the Vet checked her over and took some samples of her faeces to send to the laboratory. After 48 hours the Vet called me saying that Kita's sample had shown signs of a bug she prescribed some paste and a 2 week course of antibiotics which she said should clear up the problem within 2-3 days, this did not happen Kita continued to have very bad diarrhoea and she continued to lose weight at an alarming rate and she was also ravenously hungry all the time and by now she had lost 5kg in bodyweight a fifth of her total weight. In despair I again took her to the Vets again she was given a further course of antibiotics and the vet took a blood sample to send off for analysis. A few days later I received a call from the Vet who told me that her blood sample had come back showing that her pancreas was not working correctly and she was diagnosed with EPI, I was also informed that my dog who was less than a year old would have to be on medication for the rest of her life however with a good diet and medication this should be able to be controlled, I felt a sense of relief but also concern that my young dog has a lifelong illness. She was prescribed Tryplase (pancreas powder) to be given with each meal and I was also advised to put her on a veterinary diet by a well-known dog food company which was specifically made for dogs with EPI and her issues should be sorted.

After a couple of weeks of her new diet and her medication it became obvious to me that this was not an end to her problem whilst her stools had become a little better they were far from normal some days they seemed ok and other days she was back to yellow runny diarrhoea typical of unstable EPI, she had put on a little weight but nothing too noticeable. It was at this point that I decided to do some research on EPI, I scanned the internet looking for websites for information and advice, this is when I found the Nutrix website which claimed to make food for dogs with EPI I read some of the testimonials on the site which got me interested however I was sceptical but what did I have to lose it was obvious that Kita's expensive vet diet was not working. I contacted Maria by email and she offered to send me a couple of samples for Kita to try which came within a couple of days as promised.

Kita was having a typically bad week with her diarrhoea so that evening I decided to give her the samples for her evening meal she ate the food as normal and obviously enjoyed the flavour and I waited until morning with hope! The next morning her stools were almost completely normal I could not believe it! This could not be coincidence surely! I immediately ordered a 15kg bag of the Nutrix duck and potato and since then she has never looked back, it has been 5 months now since I put her on Nutrix she has gained all the weight she had lost and is now back on track, she looks beautiful again and she is full of energy and her coat looks fantastic and we have never had a drop of diarrhoea since, I have also even been able to reduce her medication as her EPI has been so stable, I am delighted to say that we truly have our pet back thanks to Maria and Nutrix the transformation has been unbelievable and her help and advice invaluable. If you are reading this and you have a dog with similar issues to mine I urge you to give this wonder food a try, it has been so effective for us that my vet has even asked me for information on Nutrix as she cannot believe how well Kita has recovered surely a testament in itself!

Mark Smith
June 2012.

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