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Yet more great comments

My GSD has Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia and is on heavy steroids to control it. The heavy drugs play havoc with her system and she had constant runny motions & lack of appetite....not only does she eat this product but her motion has improved too'

'....... wouldn't use anything else for my GSD'

Hi Both dogs seem to be doing well on this food. Gromit who has got EPI appears more alert and happier. Since being on it he has not had any dpi episodes. thanks a lot for making this dog food'

'thanks for bringing out such great foods, all 3 of my dogs, one of whom has EPI are fed on Nutrix and they are happy, healthy and full of energy. They love the food which is an achievement as one of mine usually refuses to eat dry food. Its great to be able to feed them such a high quality food at a reasonable price tag'

The dogs love it and still no signs of stiffness'

'Dogs have improved since having this food'

'She has an unbelievably glossy coat!'

'Springer Spaniel has much better output, his coat shedding less and is full of beans! Thanks'

'What a relief to find something my dog can eat. Hes a fussy eater and likes the taste too'

'Brilliant product! Stools frequently good and much less of them!'

'Hair has started growing back on my GSD's ears :) '

'Dog has EPI -great for her -wish I'd found it 2 years ago'

This is the best diet yet for our EPI GSD!

'Perfect droppings and silky coat'

' i have now got my two nine month old kittens on the nutrix, one of them has a sensitive tummy and they are both doing really well! shiny coats and no more tummy upsets. Also price is good!'

'My dogs have always been fed on Orijen, but to be honest this has the same benefits for half the price.' Michelle, North Lincs.

A very important part of our GSD's improvement following being diagnosed with EPI. The biscuits together with the pancreatic enzyme powders have seen a weight gain of nearly 3kg over the last 2 to 3 months. Good value product, prompt delivery and works!

'I recently did a taste trial for Duck & rice plus turkey & rice from a well known dog food company. You will be pleased to know that we soon had to stop it as my GSDs who have EPI & IBD WERE made quite ill due to the I believe rice content. Since returning to nutrix duck & potato my GSDs have returned to normal health, my friends will be visiting you tomorrow to buy more bags. Yours truly, Ted.

'100% better poo!

'brook and mason are brother and sister from the RSPCA and have had health problems in the past but have seen the benefit of your senior light and at the age of 14 are looking good thank you from all of us'

'...... my 2 westies are much calmer'

'What a relief to find something my dog can eat. Hes a fussy eater and likes the taste too'

'We have 2, 2 1/2 yr old white GSD sisters; one has had anal furunculosis and the other has recently developed EPI. Since being on this diet together with the prescription powder from the vets, she now has formed stools. Thank you very much.'

'I've recommended your food to my friend who is going to try it as she saw how shiny my dog's coat was!'

'My wearied just love this food ... Belle the eldest is like a different dog so much calmer and losing weight .. We spent a fortune on royal canine obesity that made her extremely hyper and aggressive it was a nightmare taking her out. A lot of people have commented on her improved behaviour. We will deffo be returning to place another order. Suzi'

'Excellent product. Big difference in our dog'

'Stools firmer with youngest dog. 3rd dog passes faeces very easily now compared to up to 20mins trying on Hills Science Plan'

'Your senior light food bags are bigger per weight than other makes which means the nuggets are more airy and our dogs find them easier to munch'

'Very pleased with it. Very much improved my Basset Hound's doings.'

'Brilliant food I feed all 5 of our dogs on it'

'nutrix dog food works very well with my german shepherd she looks a lot brighter now and the best she has looked for months - would highly recommend'

'My dog has improved on the large breed food .... she has more energy'

'One of my cats was a stray and since putting her onto this food her coat is soft, shiny and she is in amazing conition overall! Thanks so much!'

'My jack russell much improved! did have runny stools they are now perfect!!!

'The food is perfect for our alaskan malamute x german shepherd as she has EPI. We tried lots of different hypoallergenic foods and none of those worked. As soon as we fed her the duck and potato food, her issues with fatty poo and vomitting disappeared within two days. It was such a relief as I was beginning to feel we may of had no option but to put her down. She loves the food and she's back to being her same old healthy and happy self.'

'We have re-ordered the Duck and Potato for our daughters dog Nuka. Your food seems to be the only one that works!'

'I've got a german shepherd with epi, bought a bag of nutrix duck and potato two weeks ago and Purdy's doing well on it, so now I'm trying my kittens on your food. One of them has got upset tummy most of the time. Thanks to Maria for all your help when we called.'

'Many thanks for the bag of Duck and Potato we have now used it for over a week on GSDs with Pancreactic and bowel problems. The duck and potato appears to have a better digestive intake sustaining better diet to the dogs and not much waste coming out, when it does its firmer. I do endorse Duck and potato and will forward information to GSDs in need via my web and news letter we will be coming to visit your shop soonest, what are your opening hours?'

'They love it and no more stiff joints !'

'Great improvement! Happier healthier dog!'

'I have used other hypoallergenic dog foods in the past. This is my 3rd double bag order from you and my Labrador, Labradoodle and Terrier are all looking well on it. My labradors coat looks much better on your food.'

'Finally found a food they all like'

'I am very impressed with the help and cheerfulness of your lady on the telephone. It is a shame you don't get the same kind of service everywhere !'

'My dogs love this food its a good size kibble, i find i don't need so much of the food as was usually consumed. Their coats since eating the potato & salmon is really shiny and soft. Cockapoos are notorious for being fussy eaters but not now. Lynn'

'Probably the only food that Dexter does not grow tired of after a month, he loves it.'

'There's less scratching and firm stools!'

Great service, very fast delivery, very good food

My dogs love it ! and I have noticed my eldest dogs stiffness has gone !!

'Alfie loves it and so does his stomach!!

'Definite skin improvement with less scratching.'

'A great product - there's never any left in the bowl!'

'a great feed wont feed anything else now'

'I had moved to another brand but found it resulted in frequent and loose stools.'

'Fantastic value, excellent quality- we were using James Wellbeloved but the new food is every bit as good at half the cost!!! - Sarah Clifton

'Vast improvment in coat condition and very happy behaviour no more dry noses brilliant!'

'Our dogs really enjoy this food and are looking well.'

'My german shepherd has had endless stomach problems and ear infections.We switched her food to the hypo-allergenic chicken & rice from Nutrix Pet Foods and the results have been astonishing. Nearly two months on and still no issues.Thank you'

'I received the items today. Stupifyingly amazing service! Thank you.'

'Thank you again, Maria, for your help, you are a kind and caring person.'

'I'm so impressed by your service and wanted to thank you. I'll be sure to recommend you to all my friends.'

'Just a quick note to say thank you very much for great service and product.'

'I have received my order first thing this morning after only placing my order yesterday!!'

'That was quick!'

'Just posted that at 5pm right up here in the heather belt. How nice it is to find a company willing to accomodate!'

'Many many thanks for your prompt service. You will have made someones day tomorrow.'
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