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Wallace's success story with EPI

Wallace's success story with EPI
Wallace is a rescue dog being cared for by German Shepherd Rescue Scotland. He came into rescue at 10 months old being diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) at 6 months old. I was asked to be his foster carer, I knew before Wallace arrived that I was going to have to do my research and learn about EPI and fast.

I gave him a week to settle in before changing anything but it was very clear the the food he was eating wasn't the right food. Most EPI dogs need a grain-free food. I searched on the web and found the Nutrix website, their Duck and Potato food sounded perfect so I ordered some up. The results were instant. When changing to a grain-free food EPI dogs can go 'cold turkey', so we went from runny cow-pat poos one day to formed poos the next day. I was delighted, I knew I had the right food for Wallace, now I needed to tweak the other factors and soon I would see him thrive.

Wallace has now been eating the Nutrix Duck and Potato food for a month, he is putting on weight and his coat is beginning to shine. He's such a loving
little boy that we have decided to keep him. Wallace now has his forever home with myself and my family.

Thanks to Maria at Nutrix for producing this very important grain-free food. I have recommended it to other owners with EPI dogs, and they too are thriving on it.
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