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Testimonial for Nutrix Lamb & Rice with Vermex

Testimonial for Nutrix Lamb & Rice with Vermex
Hello Iím Christine, I work as a volunteer foster carer for a local rescue centre, to enable ill, old and otherwise very difficult dogs, to be in a home environment and receive the training and care they need to help them to find a permanent home. To date I have fostered and rehomed 14 dogs, itís a very hard and tiring but rewarding job. Some of our more severe cases donít make it to a foster carer and either dies on entry to the kennels, or soon after due to gross neglect.

As soon as I bring my new foster dog home, I like to introduce them to a high quality feed as many of them are suffering from neglect and poor health. As well as following veterinarian advice where necessary, I also talk to my dog food nutritionist for advice on which is the best food possible for my new dog. To support me in my foster work I am studying for a qualification in Dog Psychology and behaviour. I have found that the food my dogs eat also plays an extremely important role in their behaviour - many behaviour problems can be alleviated by adopting the correct diet. My latest foster dog Jak is an example of this. He is a young border collie, very mischievous; with so much energy I think he could climb Everest. He was a very nervous and frightened dog when he came to me 5 months ago, very thin and in poor health generally. He is now very settled, happy and thriving on Nutrix lamb and rice with Vermex.

I also have an elderly dog Toby, who was my first foster dog; I loved him so much I adopted him permanently. He has a major food allergy. He is sick if he eats any poor quality dog food, and he also has a reaction in his feet, in that his pads split open and become infected. I have found that his condition has been greatly improved since I have been feeding him on the products from Nutrix. My third dog is an elderly border collie that had started to suffer from a little stiffness in his hind quarters after a hard day of hiking. He has thrived on Nutrix and is now jumping fences and climbing mountains like a 3 year old! All three of my dogs have benefited from a product from Nutrix and each now have lovely glossy coats and are full of energy and spirit.

So thanks to the team at Nutrix! I have a happy pack at home who love their lives and especially their food. THANKS NUTRIX!
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