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Super Premium - Turkey & Rice - Low Purine Hypoallergenic Dog Food

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Super Premium - Turkey & Rice - Low Purine Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Low purine turkey and rice dog food.

100% hypoallergenic.

*** Low Purine Recipe *** 
'Brilliant product! stools frequently good and much less of them!'

But what are Purines?
Purines are nucleotide bases found in cells. They are an important part of DNA and are essential to a dog's life. Purines are broken down to produce uric acid.

If your dog's body isn't properly clearing uric acid levels, urinary-tract stones can form. Also, crystals can form in the joints, which can then cause inflammation and pain - a low purine recipe can help alleviate these issues.

This recipe contains hypoallergenic human grade turkey meat and rice. This food is a wheat, gluten and maize free complete food, ideally suited for adult dogs from 1-7 years requiring a low purine diet or those with a sensitive digestion.

Nutrix Turkey and Rice dog food is a low purine recipe full of 100% natural ingredients

This turkey and rice dog food recipe was especially developed by leading nutritionists - and is used by many pedigree dog owners too. Made using turkey offering the highest quality protein available (see below about the benefits of turkey and more nutritional information).

To see what this turkey and rice dog food can do for your dog, view our dog food testimonial

Low purine turkey and rice dog food

Only £4.79 delivery for every 30kg!

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 - Nutritional Features -

- Contains vitamins and minerals to help maintain a healthy immune system -
- Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives -
- Contains highly digestible protein sources -
- No added wheat or wheat gluten -
- Highly palatable -
- No Added Salt -
- Maize free -
- Lactose free -
- No soya -
- No fillers -

Testimonial for Nutrix Turkey & Rice

Hi Maria

I am sending some pictures so you can see how good my dogs now look on your food. Since my dog Zola was a pup we have had trouble with her food as she has a sensitive stomach, the vets recommended different types of food but they were very expensive. So I did some research and came across Nutrix Petfoods and decided to try as it had all the goodneess in at half the price! Plus it was also suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Well, all I can say is we tried it and Zola likes it and my other dog Freddy is now on it and when we take them to the vets we are always told what good condition they are now in. I do recommend anyone to try it.

Best wishes and thank you

Testimonial by: Bob & Lynne Whitehouse

Customer reviews
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Only just started using this food., but my dog seems to like it!
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Choose your bag size : 15Kg
Brilliant ..after 5 months on a vet prescribed diet my dogs urine ph balance was still too acidic. He had Urate stones, which he had removed. He is on allopurinol too. I decided to give Nutrix super premium a try as I was convinced the food the vet had prescribed was not right, and in just under 2 weeks my dogs urine ph is now at 7 where it should be , thankyou nutrix for producing a good that does the trick,.
Dawn G.
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Choose your bag size : 15Kg
Thanks to Nutrix as this is the only food that we have been able to find that is suitable for our 2yr old bulldog who is affected by HUU, but more recently has been suffering from allergies and he made the change over without problem.
Catherine B.
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Choose your bag size : 15Kg
Very suitable for my Dalmatian as a staple food. I supplement with other suitable fresh foods too.
Paola C.
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Choose your bag size : 15Kg
My dog is on allpurinol so needs Low purine food - this option is the best I have found on the markets. Thanks Nutrix.
Shopping Satisfaction
Choose your bag size : 15Kg
Ideal for my Dalmatian who is a stone former suits him really well. Reasonably priced.
Andrew m.