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Super Premium Salmon and Potato Dog Food - Grain Free

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Super Premium Salmon and Potato Dog Food - Grain Free

Nutrix Hypoallergenic Salmon and Potato Dog Food

  • What makes the difference?

After feeding our Labrador, Fergus, on the Premium Salmon & Potato for a few months his coat is beautiful, he's a healthy 18 month old and he loves the food! Thanks for the help.'

This recipe contains high levels of fish and potato, formulated for optimum palatability and small firm stools! Super Premium Salmon and Potato Dog Food is part of our comprehensive range of Grain Free Dog Food and is one of our best-selling products.

Bag size available: 2x4kg, 6kg, 12kg and 15kg

Using only 100% natural ingredients, this recipe is specifically formulated to give your dog a healthy diet.

Like our full range of hypoallergenic dog food, the super premium salmon and potato dog food contains no soya, no dairy, no fillers or any ingredient that can cause allergies. It is purely made using the best ingredients, to keep your dog healthy and happy.

✔  lactose free
✔  no artificial colours
✔  no artificial flavours
✔  no preservatives

  • Why choosing our salmon and potato grain free recipe?
✔ Both the Salmon and Potato ingredients are Hypoallergenic and human grade A
These are fresh and totally wheat and gluten free!

Grain free dog food is the best solution to feed your dog. Deprived of any cereals or dairy products, it will prevent him from suffering allergies or digestion disorders. Still not convinced? See Neo owner's testimonial below and discover the many benefits of a 100% natural diet.

✔ Our super premium salmon and potato dog for adult dogs is 100% full of natural goodness

Get your dogs a healthy diet, especially if they are fussy eaters or have a sensitive digestion. This complete dog food is ideally suited for adult dogs from 1-7 years and contains solely natural, high quality ingredients.

This recipe is indeed made using salmon sourced from the Scottish highlands. Moreover, the potatoes used in it have all been grown in the UK (see below about the benefits of salmon plus more nutritional information).

We invite you to discover the many benefits of our hypoallergenic dog food reading our dog food testimonials.

Salmon and potato hypoallergenic dog food

Only £4.79 delivery for every 30kg!

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Nutritional Features

- Contains vitamins and minerals to help maintain a healthy immune system -
- Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives -
- Contains highly digestible protein sources -
- No added wheat or wheat gluten -
- Highly palatable -
- No rice gluten -
- No added salt -
- Lactose free -
- No soya -
- No fillers -

Testimonial for Nutrix Salmon and Potato Dog food

Here's Neo's story........ We have had him as our foster since the 23 september this year, he came with some tins of food. We have fed our own dogs on a highly respected branded fish and brown rice and wanted to change him over to that, he immediately started having soft stool's. I put him on known well respected dry branded food which is recommended by vets for dogs with sensitive tums and we had the same problem, i tried him on the tinned version after a really bad bout of diarrhoea , even chicken and rice gave him a poorly tummy. One weekend he became SO bad we had to have him admitted into the vets and put on a drip, he came home with another branded sensitive pet food recommended by many vets for him to try, even this gave him diarrhoea. I was desperate to find a food that suited him and stop the puddle's, so I had a look on the internet to see if a hypoallergenic food would help Neo and came across Nutrix dog food by chance. We ordered a bag of the Salmon and Potato version to try him on, we ordered it on the Wednesday afternoon at 4 pm, we were astonished to receive it by 10.00am on the Thursday morning. Within 2 days of him eating this he had SOLID Stools! I cannot tell you how excited and pleased we were , a food that suited him, and he enjoyed eating and at a fantastic price too!!! We have 7 dogs and have put 6 of them on this food, they are all doing wonderfully on it too.

I cannot thank you enough for the service and the fantastic food which has given us a happy contented boy. I would highly recommend Nutrix to anyone, it's fabulous !!!!

Customer reviews
Choose your bag size : 15Kg
My dog loves the food and is the only one that does not upset his stomach after searching for so many. Great food and super customer service.
Neil b.
Choose your bag size : 12Kg
Chelle D.
Choose your bag size : 15Kg
Our dog loves this food and it doesn't cause him any problem with his allergies.
Richard M.
Choose your bag size : 15Kg
Been using for years only food that's okay with our 2 dogs [back end running].
Robert d.
Choose your bag size : 15Kg
This food that has been specially designed is amazing my dogs love it and their energy shows it perfect food for those pets that need extra care.
Kayleigh B.
Choose your bag size : 15Kg
Excellent service.
William s.
Choose your bag size : 15Kg
Nutrix was easy food to change over from old food no upset tummies.
Will wait to see how my show girls look on this food.
Brenda B.
Choose your bag size : 15Kg
Only food in 10 years that as not run through our dog.
Robert d.
Choose your bag size : 1 x 7.5Kg
This food looks and smells good, my Labrador loves it,
She is getting it fed along with her old food to introduce it gradually she picks the salmon and potato out first, has had no adverse affects on her toileting, very happy with this food will continue to buy.
Jackie A.
Choose your bag size : 15Kg
High quality food we have used for 5 years, would not change from this.