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Senior Light Working Dog Food (15Kg bags)

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Senior Light Working Dog Food (15Kg bags)

Fish and rice 100% hypoalleregic natural senior dog food. Also ideal for weight control

Ideal for Dogs with Arthritis or those who are a bit Overweight

This hypoallergenic - wheat and maize free sensitive senior dog food is ideal for dogs with arthritis and are having trouble with their joints, dogs requiring a weight loss programme, or for senior dogs over the age of 7.

Our senior light  dog food kibble has been especially designed to be easier for older dogs to munch on. And being hypoallergenic it means that this food is also especially good for dogs that have a sensitive digestion. Our senior dog food contains white fish and rice, which provide an excellent source of protein and a slow release carbohydrate for all day energy.

This recipe has been especially developed and produced by leading nutritionists in the UK. Amongst some of the most nutritious and beneficial ingredients, this hypoallergenic wheat and maize free senior light dog food also contains yucca to help reduce unpleasant odours from flatulence, seaweed (see benefits below), glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to aid ageing joints, tissues plus there are many more benefits for older dogs (see more nutritional benefits below).

To find out what this fish and rice senior dog food can do for your dog click here to view our dog food testimonials.

Fish and rice senior dog food that is 100% hypoallergenic.

Only £4.79 delivery for every 28kg!

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Nutritional Features

- Contains vitamins and minerals to help maintain a healthy immune system -
- Contains no added artificial colours flavours or preservatives -
- Contains highly digestible protein sources -
- No added wheat or wheat gluten -

- No added salt -
- Highly palatable -
- Maize free -
- Lactose free -
- No soya -
- No fillers -

Testimonial for Senior Light

Since being on Nutrix food we have noticed with our three dogs so far:
Flash-7 years old (left on photo) is eating the senior/light mix. He has during the last 4months lost 3 kilograms in weight which helps with his bad back. His coat has improved and he seems to be happier in himself. He loves the food and his pooh's are always solid. It seems to help with his allergies and we have noticed that his chin, and his arm pits are not so sore anymore.
Hunney- 8 years old (right on photo) is also eating the senior light mix. She has only been eating it the last 1-2 months and already she has lost 1 kilogram in weight. She loves the food and wolfs it down at meal times compared to James Welbeloved where she was fussy. She seems to have more energy and again happier in herself. Her pooh's are always solid now and she does'nt seem to have a gurgly tummy anymore.
Lola- 18 months old (middle in photo) has recently moved on from your puppy food to adult food with no problems. She as always loves meals times and always has lots of energy.
We have been really happy with the food that you provide. We will continue to purchase it as we believe out of several brands we have found the best suitable food for all our basset hounds.

Testimonial by:
Ben Goodfellow

'Both of my elderly dogs love this food and, since starting it, all their flatulence and stomach problems have cleared up.''brook and mason are brother and sister from the RSPCA and have had health problems in the past but have seen the benefit of your senior light and at the age of 14 are looking good - thank you from all of us'

Testimonial by: Julia Dunan

'My wearied just love this food ... Belle the eldest is like a different dog so much calmer and losing weight .. We spent a fortune on royal canine obesity that made her extremely hyper and aggressive it was a nightmare taking her out. A lot of people have commented on her improved behaviour. We will Definitely be returning to place another order.

Testimonial by: Suzi