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Rosa Filor - Leicestershire

Fast reliable service.

Great product ,helped with the weight loss my dog needed. He loves it.

Denise Robinson - Gloucestershire

Guarantee your dog a long and healthy life by feeding him any Nutrix Product

Over the years I have had numerous dogs and I have tried many different dog foods, none of which I was really happy with I have to admit. That was until I found this particular dog food manufacture which I have now used for a considerable number of years. The advantage of using this particular manufacture of dog food is very simple, you can purchase the correct diet tailored to suit your particular dog and have the confidence when feeding your dog that you are giving him/her the best that money can buy. You also have the added confidence that if you should ever need advice on which particular food to purchase should your dog have a particular problem, say for instance a skin issue and you want advise on which is the best food to feed which may help the condition, then you can drop them a quick email and you will receive a response if not the same day it will certainly be within 24 hours, excellent advice no matter what the question may be, this company cannot be more helpful! More companies should take a leave out of this companies books as they are always considerate, helpful and really understanding, I have a lot to thank them for over the years. The food itself always comes well packaged and fresh, my boys just love the taste and just cannot get enough of this particular Salmon flavour.

If you really want to give your dog the best then please feed them Nutrix, any flavour any type, honestly you will not be disappointed and your dog will certainly be very happy with its owners decision !

Anne Richardson - Derbyshire

No chicken in the food

My cocker spaniel Loki is allergic to chicken so was looking for a food with no poultry products in. The Trout and Salmon one suits him perfectly and he loves it and it also is good for his weight. The delivery is quick also .

Mrs Elizabeth Thompson - Pinner Middlesex.

So full of goodness with no additives.

I only dislike the smaller packages the food is now in. I preferred when I could buy a 12kg bag.

B Goodfellow - Isle of Wight

We have been really happy with the food

Since being on Nutrix food we have noticed with our three dogs so far:

Flash -7 years old is eating the senior/light mix. He has during the last 4months lost 3 kilograms in weight which helps with his bad back. His coat has improved and he seems to be happier in himself. He loves the food and his pooh's are always solid. It seems to help with his allergies and we have noticed that his chin, and his arm pits are not so sore anymore.

Hunney - 8 years old is also eating the senior light mix. She has only been eating it the last 1-2 months and already she has lost 1 kilogram in weight. She loves the food and wolfs it down at meal times compared to James Welbeloved where she was fussy. She seems to have more energy and again happier in herself. Her pooh's are always solid now and she does'nt seem to have a gurgly tummy anymore.

Lola - 18 months old has recently moved on from your puppy food to adult food with no problems. She as always loves meals times and always has lots of energy.

We have been really happy with the food that you provide. We will continue to purchase it as we believe out of several brands we have found the best suitable food for all our basset hounds.

Ben Goodfellow

Diane Fenton - Cumbria

Their coatsgleam like gloss paint

Hi Chris, as you asked I am sending photo of my lovely Flat coated Retrievers Mia & Fen. They have both been reared from pups on Nutrix food and have developed beautifully. Their coatsgleam like gloss paint and people comment on their appearance. The older dog at 7 years picks up on shoots throughout the shooting season and has great strength and stamina. The younger one at 13 months has grown well with plenty of muscle and a stunning coat. In fact she recently won a competition at a local country show for the dog in the best condition beating some 30 entrants.

Diane Fenton


I have recommended it to other owners with EPI dogs, and they too are thriving on it.

Wallace is a rescue dog being cared for by German Shepherd Rescue Scotland. He came into rescue at 10 months old being diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) at 6 months old. I was asked to be his foster carer, I knew before Wallace arrived that I was going to have to do my research and learn about EPI and fast.

I gave him a week to settle in before changing anything but it was very clear the the food he was eating wasn't the right food. Most EPI dogs need a grain-free food. I searched on the web and found the Nutrix website, their Duck and Potato food sounded perfect so I ordered some up. The results were instant. When changing to a grain-free food EPI dogs can go 'cold turkey', so we went from runny cow-pat poos one day to formed poos the next day. I was delighted, I knew I had the right food for Wallace, now I needed to tweak the other factors and soon I would see him thrive.

Wallace has now been eating the Nutrix Duck and Potato food for a month, he is putting on weight and his coat is beginning to shine. He's such a loving little boy that we have decided to keep him. Wallace now has his forever home with myself and my family.

Thanks to Maria at Nutrix for producing this very important grain-free food.

Carol Matthewson - Norwich

The dog enjoys it.

Too much postage charge and overpacked

Barbara B - UK

This is an excellent brand of high-quality pet food at an affordable price.

I would like to say how impressed we have been with Nutrix Premium Puppy Food. Our beautiful yellow Labrador, Teddy, is one of Maple's puppies. Teddy was weaned on Nutrix Premium Puppy Food, which was highly recommended to us by James P-B, Maple's owner. Because Nutrix puppy food contains all the essential nutrients for a growing puppy, we didn't have to provide Teddy with different meals, as with our previous puppies, and he is growing into a strong, healthy dog. The quality of your food means we can easily keep Teddy's weight under control, and he really enjoys his meals. We will definitely continue feeding Teddy with Nutrix pet food, and recommend it to friends and members of our local dog training classes.

Lynne - UK

I would highly recommend Nutrix to anyone, it's fabulous !!!!

We have had him as our foster since the 23rd September this year and he came with some tins of food. We have fed our own dogs on a highly respected branded fish and brown rice recipe and wanted to change him over to that. Once we did, he immediately started having soft stools. I put him on a well-known well-respected dry branded food which is recommended by vets for dogs with sensitive tums and we had the same problem. I tried him on the tinned version after a really bad bout of diarrhoea, and even chicken and rice gave him a poorly tummy. One weekend he became SO bad we had to have him admitted into the vets and put on a drip. He came home with another branded sensitive pet food recommended by many vets for him to try, but even this gave him diarrhoea. I was desperate to find a food that suited him and stop the puddle's, so I had a look on the internet to see if a hypoallergenic food would help Neo and came across Nutrix dog food by chance. We ordered a bag of the Salmon and Potato version to try him on. We ordered it on the Wednesday afternoon at 4 pm, we were astonished to receive it by 10.00am on the Thursday morning. Within 2 days of him eating this he had SOLID Stools! I cannot tell you how excited and pleased we were , a food that suited him, and he enjoyed eating and at a fantastic price too!!! We have 7 dogs and have put 6 of them on this food, they are all doing wonderfully on it too.

I cannot thank you enough for the service and the fantastic food which has given us a happy contented boy.

Barbara N - Devon

My dog loves this food

Since changing to this food my dog has been much healthier and happier. She goes straight to her bowl to eat her food as soon as I put it down.

Pamela M - UK

Saved her life

Hi Maria

Labrador,13, according to my vet was on deaths door, requiring hundreds of pounds of diagnostic tests, possible expensive treatments at best or putting her out of her misery at worst. I did some research, that was two years ago. Found Nutrix grain and cereal free. Changed her diet, quickly she got better, apart from her annual check ups haven't visited the vets again, they just looked very puzzled when I said I had changed her diet. Thank you, I reckon you saved her life and me much heart ache.

Pamela M.

Lynne - Lynne

Ginger is nutty no more

Ginger is our chocolate lab rescue dog and we adopted her in Dec 2011. She is a high energy working breed and as nutty as a fruitcake but adorable.

We noticed early on that she snapped her jaws together on occasions and as time progressed she started biting at imaginary flies and chomping at the air. Over 6 months, it grew worse and it was distressing to watch. We took her to the vet and she suggested that she may have 'petit mal' which like epilepsy, results in fit like seizures. If this was the case then Ginger would likely be required to take barbiturates long term. The vet suggested that we keep a diary of her episodes over the next two weeks and report back. However, after a week it became obvious that her 'fits' were worst after eating. I studied the internet and read as much as I could about 'petit mal'. I read several blogs on different sites where owners had reported vast improvements in the reduction of symptoms simply by changing the diet of their dogs to include no wheat or cereal and as little additives as possible. We were feeding Ginger on a high quality (expensive) kibble and thought we were doing the right thing for her. I googled 'no wheat or cereal dog food' and came across Nutrix Pet Foods. To be sure, I ordered Hypoallergenic Lamb and Rice which has no wheat gluten and is additive free. It was less expensive than the shop bought brand and it was delivered next day. Amazingly, almost immediately and certainly within a couple of days Ginger was practically free from chomping and fly biting episodes. We had some of her old dental clean up sticks which was a great treat for her and we gave her one after the third day and immediately she was chomping again. Lesson learned, I ordered 'Snack Bones' treats from Nutrix, which Ginger loves.

Leigh - UK

Allergies now cured

Hi there,

Thought I'd send a picture of my Bulldogs, Billy & Mimi, who enjoy your dog food very much. Bulldogs notoriously have sensitive skin and have reactions to almost anything. Mimi almost always had a bald patch somewhere or other but since I changed to your food she hasn't had a single outbreak, her allergies now cured.

Thank you very much


Jean Smith - UK

I would recommend this food to anyone

My GSD Kara was diagnosed with EPI Endocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency in September 2009. We started her on Lypex enzymes antibiotics and vitamin B12 injections but has always had cow pat motions which are consistant with EPI which is not stable. Kara had been given various prescription foods which did nothing for her and this cost a fortune. Then I was recommended Nutrix by another EPI dog owner and within a week her motions had gone from cow pats to almost normal and I have some pictures to show you the difference. Her coat is now fabulous as is my cat's who is also on Nuitrix cat food. Kara has put on weight on your food and now weight 30.6 kilos. Thank you!! We really thought we would lose her before we found you and I mean that.

I would recommend this food to anyone who has the misfortune to have this horrible illness, but it makes it easier when the food is priced reasonably too! The whole range of dog and cat food are also to be recommended if they are as good as the ones I have tried and Maria is brilliant to deal with.

Dawn J - UK

Very easy ordering process and quick delivery.

Kbbles are small and easy for my small dog to eat, however 6kg is the smallest bag you do and it is going to take a very very long time for my very very small dog to get through it. great product, please could we have smaller bags and we could have repeat business more often. thank you.

Di L - UK

Never leaves a morsel

Delivered promptly - smells nice & fresh. My Rottweiler puppy has been on this food since arriving here and has grown big and strong with a beautiful shiny coat and she never leaves a morsel in her bowl.

Barbara P - Devon

Excellent brand of high-quality pet food

I would like to say how impressed we have been with Nutrix Premium Puppy Food. Our beautiful yellow Labrador, Teddy, is one of Maple's puppies. Teddy was weaned on Nutrix Premium Puppy Food, which was highly recommended to us by James P-B, Maple's owner. Because Nutrix puppy food contains all the essential nutrients for a growing puppy, we didn't have to provide Teddy with different meals, as with our previous puppies, and he is growing into a strong, healthy dog. The quality of your food means we can easily keep Teddy's weight under control, and he really enjoys his meals. We will definitely continue feeding Teddy with Nutrix pet food, and recommend it to friends and members of our local dog training classes. This is an excellent brand of high-quality pet food at an affordable price.

James Pritchard-Barrett - Devon

No qualms about recommending this food

I just wanted to echo some of your other positive testimonials and say thanks. We had Maple our 3 year old Labrador bitch on another branded dog food under the recommendation of a breeder. However she always had runny stools and the food was obviously disagreeing. Having read a lot of reports online why wheat and cereal rich dog food is not natural for dogs I discovered your brand and decided to give it a try. First time we fed it to Maple she went wild with excitement and scoffed it down. Amazingly her stools firmed up immediately and she is visibly much healthier. She has just had puppies and I am sure the protein rich diet has helped her through this difficult feeding period when her 9 pups really take it out of her. We have now weaned the puppies onto your puppy food and they are thriving on it. During the early weaning process we tried various other puppy food, soaking it beforehand to make it easy in the early stages. However the other food was often very difficult to mash up as it had a rather unpleasant spongy texture. In contrast your Nutrix food is very easy to soak and mash up for the puppies which tells me that the right ingredients have gone into it. I have no qualms in recommending to others and will tell all our 8 new puppy owners that they should seriously consider Nutrix as the best food.

Samantha Frake - Hertfordshire

Good standard of product

My black lab has Inflammatory Bowel Disease and can only have lamb, we have tried other makes but this seems to suit him

Andrew Coles - Cwmbran

My dog has bladder stone issues and she has been using this product for years. She has not had any issues and she does love the food.

Comes in different sizes and is low in purines for my dogs bladder stone issues.

Siobhan Togher - Wiltshire


Absolutely love this food. My little old lady is 13 years-old with dreadful food allergies (grain, protein, dairy) and joint problems. This food, combined with supplements, has changed her life. She's been on it for two years now, and is doing so well that my vet is blown away. In fact, I've recently moved my other older girl onto it as well - she doesn't have food allergies, but her coat is shinier and she's happier overall. So glad to have found this grub for my girls! As well, service from this company is brilliant - always delivered really quickly in superb condition. Outstanding! Many thanks from two cheeky old ladies, and their grateful human.

sheila goodchild - north devon

Good price.

My dog really likes this food, have to see when next at vet if lost any weight, hope so.

Carol Matthewson - Norfolk

Hugo's favourite!

I like the product and the dog is in very good condition since being on it.

The postage cost is very high and the food is very overpacked.

SindyMichele Simpson - Isle Of Man


This food is absolutely brilliant , my working cocker spaniel has been on it a few months now and it has completely changed him . His stomach problems are no longer an issue

Vic Davies - Wrexham

Excellent quality

Dog is satisfied and not constantly looking for food

Richard Mayers - Didcot

Good dog food

My dogs love it, and seem to thrive on it. Ordering from the website is easy. Delivery is quick. My only gripe is that when I order two bags, I get hit with two delivery charges for what is still only one delivery.

Amanda Banks - Kent

Good quality bite sized kibble

My dog really needs to lose weight and has possible colitis?? So I’m very hopeful this fish diet will improve her coat, her digestion and help her lose weight? It’s early days but she seems to like it !

Sylvia Martin - Consett

low purine formula

dog seems to enjoy

Julie Ramsey - Braintree

Excellent quality

A good quality, highly palatable food that my cats love. Delivery is always fast. Very good value for money.

Catherine - Tetbury

Good for low purine diet

Seems to work well for my little dog who has leishmaniasis and needs a low purine diet. The ingredients all look to be good quality and the dog seems to enjoy it - I feed with a small amount of canned food (to hide tablets in) or with a splash of water. Good for dogs who eat too quickly and who good do with losing a few pounds like my girl!

Sindymichele Simpson - ISLE Of MAN

Just a tester

I bought this for my little westie Florence who is a very very fussy eater, unfortunately it wasn’t her cup of tea but my neighbours dog thought it was absolutely delicious. We’ve tried a few flavours but stuck with the trout and asparagus variety as this is her favourite.

Lynne Oliver - Warwickshire

Great Food for my Cat and Dog!

I've ordered my pets' foods from Nutrix for years now because I know it always gets eaten and it's all good quality without fillers.

David Alan Hadley Hargreaves - North Wales

Ideal for a dog with severe food allergies.

There is nothing to dislike; the price is competetive and delivery fast and efficient.

James A Thompson - Pinner Middlesex

There are no additives or preservatives. This is very good for my 11yrs Staffie who has lots of allergies. I would recommend this food to anyone with an animal who has allergies.

There is nothing I dislike of this product. Its the best company for hypoallergenic food.

Joseph Banfield - Hampshire

Good quality food

My dog loves the chicken and rice working. And always delivers on time.

Eliza Hassan - Buckinghamshire

So far so good

My dog has had diarrhoea for so many years. She also has a lot of food intolerances. She has recently been diagnosed with colitis. So I was looking for premium dog food with limited ingredients and low fat. Your website popped up when I googled the food I was looking for. It has been 3 weeks since she started on this food. She loves it and it has helped with my dog’s diarrhoea . Firm poos for 3 weeks… yay!. Please don’t change recipe.

SindyMichele Simpson - PEEL, ISLE OF MAN

Excellent product

Absolutely amazing quality food , after a serious digestive illness this low fat nutritious food has totally transformed my working cocker spaniel Teddy Tumble . As he cannot eat meat , dairy , grains etc our options were limited but he is a completely different dog no bloating, diarrhoea or acid reflux x

Rosa Filor - Leicestershire

Great product, fast efficient delivery.

Great product really helped with Ben's weight loss .

Angela Davies - Dorset

Nutrix venison salmon and sweet potato

My dog seems to like it and it has firmed her poos at the moment anyway

Richard Mayers - Didcot

Good dry dog food

Easy to order on the website, and fast efficient delivery. My dogs can't get it down them fast enough..

Shane Povey - Staffordshire

Dogs don’t lie

Our dog has various food allergies and can only eat certain things, we’ve tried it all with little joy.

Until now, this is the only food she will eat with no issues even cries when your preparing it.

Can’t rate it highly enough.

Mark Sanders - Stroud

The dogs love it.

As one of our dogs has leishmaniasis and this food is low in purines it’s ideal for him.

Joanne - Carlisle

Great for allergies

My dog has many food allergies, she is fine with this

Miguel Jimenez - Sheffield

It’s sooooo good for doggie

Can be a little crumbly. More moisture

Graham Wadey - Harwich

Dogs love it

Good quality food which the dogs love

Sarah Murrin - Peterchurch ,Hereford

Great Food

My dog really likes this food and his itching has got much better.

John Barber - Tolleshunt D'Arcy

Great Puppy Food

We use this for our new puppy having used other puppy foods in the past with the usual reactions, this product is excellent, has no stomach or other issues and is of great value too. Cannot recommend it highly enough. Our other dog uses the senior products and we will use with out pup when changing foods

Suzanne Henderson - Huddersfield


My dog has lots of allergies and this food is perfect, she never has any reactions to it.

SindyMichele Simpson - Isle Of Man


I switched to this food after my Working Cocker Spaniel became ill, his food he has been on Barking Heads fish and relish for 9 years as he has all meat , anything feathered grain and dairy allergies. However it was way too high in fat after being diagnosed finally with a very damaged small intestine following a tummy bug . Finding a new food was a task but my vet recommended this food , it is low in fat but has a good amount of fibre and he is thriving on it . I’m looking forward to doing a review after he has had his first monthly blood tests with the vet to see the difference. But the vet is amazed at his progress