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Grain free pork dry dog food with potato and apples for dogs

Single source grain free pork flavored dog food, with potato and juicy apples, plus natural prebiotics for dogs - A perfect GI dog food for sensitive stomachs. Available in 6Kg, 4x2Kg, and 12Kg bags. Price shown is for 6Kg.

£20.72 (ex. VAT)

Natural human-grade UK hypoallergenic pork-based dry dog food

If you are looking for a quality novel protein to feed your dog, our hypoallergenic pork dry dog food might just do the trick!  Pork contains all nine essential amino acids for growth and maintenance. Pork is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and it is great for energy production, to strengthen immunity, to build and repair muscle mass, to help prevent tiredness and to promote focus when performing activities.

Pork is quite high in protein compared to most other meats. Pork is particularly rich in the vitamins B3, B6 and B12, it also contains selenium, zinc, phosphorus, iron and other valuable compounds.

The best pork dog food because it's completely natural with optimal nutrient bioavailability

Our human-grade A pork meat is always slow-cooked at a gentle 90C to retain as much as possible its freshness, the vitamins and its nutrients. By cooking at such low temperatures, this allows the protein to stay intact thus making it more bioavailable to your dog, which means all the goodness can be digested. If subjected to extreme temperatures such as 300C this will denature the protein and decrease its bioavailability. Rest assured that we don't cook our meats this way!

It has to be said that another advantage of consuming bioavailable protein means it will also result in less waste!

All our pork dry dog food is free from ingredients that may cause intolerances in dogs, such as wheat gluten, cereals, dairy, eggs, soya. There are no hidden ingredients, no artificial preservatives, no additives, absolutely nothing but pure natural goodness.

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