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Organic Valerian Drops For Dogs and Cats

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Organic Valerian Drops For Dogs and CatsValerian provides a quick acting solution to calm and control hyperactivity and anxiety in cats and dogs. Being quickly absorbed into the system it is ideal to give on those occasions when over the top or fearful behaviour may be a problem, such as thunderstorms, gunfire, visits to the vet, moving house, travelling, fireworks etc. It can easily be dripped directly in to the mouth or on to food. It works within half an hour!Valerian compound is found to be very attractive to cats and it only takes a few drops placed on their bedding to notice a reduction in their anxiety level. Even some of the most difficult cats become 'pussy cats' being much easier to manage and handle.

Ingredients: Organic extracts of vervain 50%, valerian 25%, mistletoe 25% extracted from organic plant material conforming to British Herbal Pharmacopoeia specifications and approved by the Soil Association Standard.

Administration: Small dogs and cats 1/4 tsp (quarter teaspoon); medium dogs 1/2 tsp (half teaspoon); large dogs 1 tsp; giant breeds 1 1/2 tsp (one and a half tsp) all given when required. It is not recommended that more than two lots of the above amounts be given in a 24 hour period.

Use during pregnancy and lactation: Not recommended

Age from which can be used: 8 weeks

Interactions: None, can be given in conjunction with any other medication

Long or short term use: Short term use

Special warnings: Caution should be taken when administering to exotic cats with low body fat, as very occasionally hyperactivity has been induced.

Pack sizes: 30ml and 100ml bottles with glass pipette droppers for easy administration but which require care in use to avoid breakage or injury

Always read the label