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Nanook and Loki

Nanook and LokiJust
like to say thank you... (by Janet Hill)

I've two beautiful dog's thanks to Nutrix
dog food. My beautiful siberian husky came to us with hideous digestive
problems, she had ulcers from top to bottom and would cry going to the
All the treatment the vet gave and foods did nothing ... we even
talked about pts as we felt she was suffering to much... so wide awake
trailing the internet I found Nutrix pet food, one
I'd not tried. After reading the information I ordered the food... it
arrived in good time, Noodles ate the food no problems. This was
fabulous, as she had made the connection food =pain. Within 24hrs she
had done a solid poo ....I cried, but kept my fingers crossed and
excitement calm and waited. Within one week her mouth and bottom
ulcers had gone and best of all we could see this cheeky girl coming
alive. Over a year later she's still doing fabulous and looks
amazing... and produces the best solid poos (never thought I'd be
excited to say that ).

So thanks again LOVE nanook, Loki and
mummy & daddy.
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