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Lamb based Dog Food - Choose what's best for your dog

Lamb is an superb source of primary protein for your dog. It is botheasily digestible as well as highly palatable. All our lamb is UK sourced and  human grade A. It is also is rich in calcium, selenium, zinc and Vitamin B12

Our range of Lamb and Rice, plus Lamb and Sweet Potato dog food - 100% Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Because people care about what they feed their dog we designed a range of high quality hypoallergenic dog food that is free from the typical ingredients that are known to cause allergies, such as fillers, dairy, eggs and soya. We have selected only the highest quality ingredients to produce our hypoallergenic and grain free dog food. All our recipes are 100% hypoallergenic wheat gluten free and offer an excellent complete dog food high in essential vitamins and minerals from natural ingredients.

Make a better choice by browsing our range of Hypoallergenic Puppy Food & Senior Dog Food.

Grain Free - 50% Lamb - With Sweet Potato & Mint Hypoallergenic Dog Food
- Incredible 50% Lamb Recipe-
- Great Alternative Protein Source -
- Absolutely No Cereals -
- Absolutely No Grains -
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From £26.88 Per bag
Naturals - Lamb & Rice - Hypoallergenic Dog Food
All Natural Preservatives -
UK Human Grade Lamb -
- No Wheat Gluten -
- No Maize -
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From £27.50 Per bag
Super Premium - Lamb and Rice Dog Food - 100% Hypoallergenic
Incredible 50% Lamb Meat Content -
Great Alternative Protein Source -
Absolutely No Cereals -
Absolutely No Grains -
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From £18.84 Per bag
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