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Grain Free - 50% Lamb - With Sweet Potato & Mint Hypoallergenic Dog Food

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Grain Free - 50% Lamb - With Sweet Potato & Mint Hypoallergenic Dog Food

50% Lamb with Sweet Potato and Mint. Cereal and grain free

Nutrix grain free lamb & potato dog food is a limited-ingredient recipe specially formulated to minimize the food sensitivities that some dogs experience, whilst balancing the nutritional mix your dog needs. And because itís Nutrix, itís made with only the the most delicious natural ingredients, such UK sourced lamb and sweet potato:This is a gluten free, grain and cereal free complete recipe perfectly suited to adult dogs from 1-7 years.

  100% human grade ingredients
  100% full of natural goodness

Nutrix Lamb and Sweet Potato with Mint dog food contains only the best natural ingredients

As with all our recipes it has been developed by our nutritionists to provide a high quality diet for any dog, not just those with gluten, grain and cereal intolerances and/or sensitivities. You can be assured that you are getting nothing but the best.

  no artifical colours
  no preservatives

Made using lamb offering the highest quality single source animal protein available, while being sourced entirely in the UK. Lamb is both palatable and highly digestible and provides an excellent base for building and maintaining lean muscle mass. Sweet potato provides an energy dense carbohydrate that provides slow release all day energy.

To see what this Lamb and Sweet Potato with Mint dog food can do for your dog, view our dog food testimonials 

Lamb with sweet potato and mint grain free dog food

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- Nutritional Features -

- 50% Lamb -
- UK sourced ingredients -
- No cereals or grains -
- No added salt -
- Gluten free -
- Lactose free -
- No Eggs -
- No Soya -

Customer reviews
Choose your bag size : 12Kg
My dogs love any of the cereal and grain free flavour S and this has really ease the discomfort my dog had from IBS. I will never feed cereal or grains to any of my dogs again.
Sarah a.
Choose your bag size : 12Kg
My dogs love it.
Sarah a.
Choose your bag size : 12Kg
Labrador,13, according to my vet was on deaths door, requiring hundreds of pounds of diagnostic tests, possible expensive treatments at best or putting her out of her misery at worst. I did some research, that was two years ago. Found Nutrix grain and cereal free. Changed her diet, quickly she got better, apart from her annual check ups haven't visited the vets again, they just looked very puzzled when I said I had changed her diet. Thank you, I reckon you saved her life and me much heart ache.
Pamela M.