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General testimonials and chirpy comments

'Hi I bought a bag of puppy food off you a few weeks ago and I would like to let you know how well my puppy is doing off it! She had colitis that's why I chose your puppy food after weeks of upset stomach as soon as I used your feed she immediately got better!
It smells so rich and oily and she goes mad for it! Since I started feeding her on it she's grown loads and is full of energy!'

'After having this dog food for a few weeks my dog is looking and acting as a healthy dog should! Her stools are on the whole'normal'.So along with her pancreatic enzyme I think we've cracked it!!'

'Great food, decent value'

'both the dogs and the cats seem to enjoy the feed and their coats show a marked glossiness'

'I just wanted to tell you my GSD pup had runny stools from the day I bought her, we tried everything and spent alot at the vets. Finally we had her tested for EPI and whilst waiting for the results I ordered a bag of your duck and potato. It arrived on the Weds lunchtime, I fed her some straight away and then tea time and at 11pm that same night, she did the first solid poo in 3 months!!! amazing! She is doing so well now, weight back on and a beautiful shiny coat! Incidentally the following day the test results came back and she didnt have EPI!! It was purely down to food intolerance! A huge thank you!'

'Toilet habits far better. He loves the taste. Less hypo'

'My pugs digestion and output has seen major improvement hence I'm back with my second order :-D'

'Brillo is a lot calmer on nutrix, he is a Border terrier who is always very "wired" he is a lot calmer on the food but kept all his personality!!'

'Fantastic food. My GSD really enjoys this food and has made all of the difference to his life'

'I have two springer spaniels age 10 & 13, they are a lot healthier on Nutrix not hyper or licking fur anymore.'

'Using the hypo allergenic gluten free lamb and rice has greatly reduced our petit mal dogs 'fly biting' episodes. So much so I have ordered more and also some hypo allergenic treats for her too.'

'Very good - nice firm poos and no colitis!'

'..... shiny coat, lots of energy and smaller stools'

'Will now not go anywhere else to buy my dog food. My dog has been so much better with his stomach since being on your pet food. Would definitely recommend you.'

'excellent food...my staffy loves it!'

'Great food both dogs love it and it sorted Millie's upset stomach out within 2 days'

'My cats are happier, livelier and their coats are much softer and more glossy, also their feces is drier and less smelly which has given the garden a break!'

'I bought this to try with my rescue husky who screamed every time she poo'd after a couple of weeks on this product she is completely off all pain medication and has good firm poo's everytime and a gleaming coat. Now feeding both huskies on this.'

'these are the most consitently devoured products we have ever tried with our dogs, and we have tried quite a few!'

'your food gives my cat a silky mane and moustache :-)'

'May I take this opportunity to thank you for making this wonderful food it truly is amazing. My German Shepherd has suffered so much for the past 6 yrs but thanks to Nutrix she is doing so well and gone from a scrawny sickly dog to a beautiful girl and put on 4 kg. Thank you so much Elaine'

'I am extremely happy to tell you that since she has been on your food she has gone from strength to strength, she has now put on most of the weight she lost, she is full of energy, she has had no reoccurrence of her diarrhoea and her coat is looking fantastic she really is a transformed dog since being on Nutrix and taking her pancreas powder, we now have our pet back again! Nutrix really is a wonder food! I must admit I was sceptical at first that a food could really do all this but the testimonials convinced me to try it and this is why I would like to submit one, I will be feeding Kita your food for the rest of her life.!'

'My GSD now weighs 37kg. no more ear infections. Beautiful coat. I am now ordering different Nutrix feed for my 3 other dogs. I am super impressed and recommend Nutrix to anyone who will listen'

'The best diet I have found for my GSD with EPI - thanks.'

'Shiny coat, lots of energy and smaller stools.'

'A couple of weeks ago I spoke to Maria and ordered a bag of Duck & Potato kibble for my rescue GSD who had just been diagnosed with EPI. She had lost about a stone in weight very quickly and at one time I thought we were going to lose her. She is taking Panzym on her food and has had weekly B12 shots. She now looks the picture of health and actually seems to enjoy her food now. The added bonus is that for the first time since we got her about 2½ years ago she is regularly producing proper dog poo not cow pats. I am sure this is due in part to your food and am so glad I found you. If things carry on as well as they are going you will have a customer for the rest of her life. Thanks.'

'my GSD loves his meals!'

'Both of my elderly dogs love this food and, since starting it, all their flatulence and stomach 'my GSD loves his meals!problems have cleared up.'

'This is 2nd bag; Flatulence under control, stools firm & she (Nuala, 6 yrs greyhound) has stopped bringing up bile. I have tried the other varieties but this is the one I will now buy, it is miraculous. Thank you!!'

'I have 2 rescue dogs, both collie cross, Mutley aged 20 and Gemma aged 9. I have found it hard to find a food that they both like, can eat easily (Mutley doesn't have a full set of teeth any more) and that also doesn't upset their stomachs. So far, they absolutely love your Senior Light food...can't get enough. The small bites mean they can munch it easily and no upset tummy.Thank you very much,
Sarah :)

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Hi.. i am so impressed with the food i've been getting from you,,,, for my lhasa's i have been getting the chicken and rice for smaller dogs,,, before i was getting a premium dog food which cost a lot more than nutrix... the dogs would eat it but it was down for hours before they would attempt to eat it,, and then i had to mix a wet food with it.. which defeats the object really does'nt it?... anyway quite by chance i came across your website while i was trawling the internet,, i'd never heard of it before and so after reading about it i decided to give it a go!! never looked back since! the first dog i bought for was my rottweiler slightly overweight girl so i got the light diet. i'ts hard to tell if she has lost weight but she's always pinching the little ones food as well so probably not! ha ha... anyway one of the little dogs decided she would pick up a kibble that meg the rotty had dropped and she loved it so she was always looking round for any of her bits she'd dropped.. (which belive me wasn't many) this encouraged me to buy the smaller kibble for the 2 small dogs,, and wow,,, they eat them without any wet food in,, and its not left for hours on end neither,,, well impressed, have told all my friends about this food i think its brilliant for them and no problems whatsoever with the change overs thankyou
Posted By: vivienne boardman - 10 Aug 2014 13:42

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