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Flash & Hunney - a testimonial for Senior Light

Flash & Hunney - a testimonial for Senior Light
Since being on Nutrix food we have noticed with our three dogs so far:

Flash -7 years old (left on photo) is eating the senior/light mix. He has during the last 4months lost 3 kilograms in weight which helps with his bad back. His coat has improved and he seems to be happier in himself. He loves the food and his pooh's are always solid. It seems to help with his allergies and we have noticed that his chin, and his arm pits are not so sore anymore.

Hunney - 8 years old (right on photo) is also eating the senior light mix. She has only been eating it the last 1-2 months and already she has lost 1 kilogram in weight. She loves the food and wolfs it down at meal times compared to James Welbeloved where she was fussy. She seems to have more energy and again happier in herself. Her pooh's are always solid now and she does'nt seem to have a gurgly tummy anymore.
Lola - 18 months old (middle in photo) has recently moved on from your puppy food to adult food with no problems. She as always loves meals times and always has lots of energy.

We have been really happy with the food that you provide. We will continue to purchase it as we believe out of several brands we have found the best suitable food for all our basset hounds.
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I started my dogs off on nutrixpetfoods a couple of months ago... firstly i started my lhasa apso's off on it who are the most fastidious little dogs going,, at least my 2 are,,,i used to put their food out which was a high quality food from canada..but a lot more expensive and when i put it down for the dogs it could stay there for ages, they were not very interested at all.. so i saw your advertisement while going through the internet and thought why not? nothing to lose, its a lot cheaper and a lot more variety, so i bought a bag,, wow,, they loved it, i couldn't believe it after all the different foods i've bought and they left them all,.. so then i thought i'll try my rotty on the lightweight one she's changed over really well no problems to be honest she's not lost much weight but thats my fault cause she loves her titbits.. and i find it very hard to resist those big brown eyes that plead for that biscuit that i'm holding!!.. ha ha one day i'll get tough, apart from that excellent food, cant praise it highly enough, i've got one of my friends on it as well,, but dont like the new packaging... it was far easier with the polythene bags (waterproof and damp proof) and cant be coping with boxes!! much easier in the white sack... but 10/10 for the food...
Posted By: vivienne boardman - 21 Aug 2014 21:31

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