Dog food by protein

We choose only the best natural ingredients, like Scottish salmon, Welsh lamb and British beef. We combine these with either rice or sweet potatoes and include additional natural ingredients such as asparagus, carrots, herbs, mint, orange and other delicious vegetables.

Beef dog food recipes


Coming soon is our new ranges of beef recipes.


Chicken is low in fat and good for a weight control diet. Our human-grade chicken is always slow-cooked at a gentle 90C, keeping in the freshness to protect the protein and nutrients.
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Our duck and potato dog food recipes are an excellent alternative for dogs that may show signs of intolerance, for example, skin irritations or gastrointestinal issues to other protein sources.
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An excellent source of primary protein for your dog. We offer haddock, salmon, trout, tuna and blue whiting.
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Our haddock fish has been slowly cooked and at low temperatures to keep in the freshness and to protect all its natural goodness, allowing your pet to absorb all the minerals and vitamins organically available.
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Lamb is rich in calcium, selenium, zinc and Vitamin B12 and contains the vital Omega fatty acids your dog needs for healthy skin and coat.
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Pork is often recommended by vets as a healthy alternative, as there is less chance of it causing an allergic reaction compared to other sources of protein.
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Our Scottish human-grade A salmon recipes are all sourced and made in the UK. Each recipe has been formulated to be complete food containing all the minerals and vitamins your dog needs.
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Trout is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, and it also contains Omega 6. A balanced ration of omega oils can help reduce the risk of heart attacks and heart disease.
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Coming soon is our new ranges of tuna recipes.


Turkey is a lower purine alternative protein source for your dog and it is also naturally low in fat. All of our turkey is human grade A and UK sourced.
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Venison is protein-rich and nutritionally wholesome. It is a brilliant source of haem iron, a type of iron which is generally absorbed very efficiently by our bodies.
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