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High protein sensitive kitten food with fish and chicken

Hypoallergenic, high protein indoor dry kitten food for sensitive stomaches and digestive issues. Our kitten kibble food contains chicken and fish to help decrease future intolerances. Price shown is for 8x300g.

£19.46 (ex. VAT)
Low fat limited ingredient chicken and rice dry cat food

This is our lowest fat, limited ingredient chicken and rice sensitive dry cat food, with natural hairball control for cats. Price shown is for 8x300g.

£18.59 (ex. VAT)
Salmon and chicken with rice good quality dry cat food with grain and anti hairball

Hypoallergenic indoor and outdoor salmon dry cat food with with chicken and rice. Suitable for all adult cats and even as a pregnant cat food with hairball control and prebiotics. Price shown is for 8x300g.

£19.40 (ex. VAT)
Low iodine duck dry cat food for urinary health

Limited ingredient duck dry cat food with rice and carrots, low in iodine with cranberries for urinary health and with prebiotics. For indoor and outdoor cats. Price shown is for 8x300g.

£20.28 (ex. VAT)
Low iodine white fish based dry complete cat food biscuits

A low iodine white fish based cat food with rice grain. A good cat food for all round kidney and digestive health, also for a shiny coat and healthy skin. Price shown is for 8x300g.

£19.85 (ex. VAT)
Turkey dry cat food for urinary and digestive health

Low phosphorus turkey dry cat food with rice, carrots, cranberries and natural prebiotics for urinary and digestive health. With yucca to reduce stool odour. Perfect indoor and outdoor cats. Price shown is for 8x300g.

£19.38 (ex. VAT)

All natural outdoor and indoor dry cat food biscuits

All cats require a very special diet. They are obligate carnivors, which means they rely on nutrients that can be found only in animal products. As hunters, they would normally catch and eat prey that contains a level of protein, not a lot of fat and minimal amounts of carbohydrates.  Even though cats are now domesticated, they still require these special diets. 

As well as needing more protein, cats wouldn't survive without a supply of essential amino acids within their diet such as taurine, so it is an essential supplement.  Cats also need vitamin B3 included in their diet as they can't get this from diet alone, plus vitamin A. They also require 3 x more thiamine than dogs as without it they can get deficiencies. Arachidonic acid is also essential in a cat's diet as they are unable to make their own. As you can see, a cat's diet needs to be very special.  Rest assured that Nutrix cat food contains all the necessary ingredients, ie proteins, essential amino acids, taurine, B3, arachidonic acid and all the other mineral and vitamins needed for a healthy long life.

Optimal nutrient bioavailability for your cat

Our human-grade A meats and fish that we put into our cat food recipes are always slow-cooked at a gentle 90C to retain its freshness, the vitamins and its nutrients, making it naturally palatable. Cooking our proteins at such low temperatures allows the protein to stay intact, making it more bioavailable to your cat, which means all the goodness can be digested. If subjected to higher temperatures for example 300C this would denature the proteins and decrease its bioavailability. Rest assured that we don't cook our meats and fish in this way!

Another advantage of consuming bioavailable proteins means your cat will produce less waste!

Our hypoallergenic cat food, contains no artificial preservatives, additives, dairy, soya, wheat gluten or anything else that is likely to cause allergies to your cat. We only include 100% natural hypoallergenic ingredients that your cat can easily digest.

We have especially designed recipes for indoor and outdoor cats, cat food for hairball control, recipes to suit cats with gastrointestinal sensitive stomach problems, recipes to help urinary issues, low iodine cat food, grain free recipes and recipes that contain rice for adults, kittens and senior cats.

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