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Bruce the German Shepherd

Bruce the German Shepherd
Hi Chris

Bruce, one of my German Shepherds was recently diagnosed with EPI. at 4 years old.  We had suspected it for some time and eventually confirmed with a blood test. He went from 41.5 kg to 31.8 kg in about 11 months.  Bruce was put on to Lypex immediately and, while there was some improvement he was still subjected to diarrhoea about every 3 or four days.  Reading up on the problem revealed a grain free diet was the probable answer.  

I purchased a bag of Nutrix potato and salmon.  The next part is almost incredible.  I gave him a feed of Nutrix in the evening and next day absolutely normal stools!.  He has had no gut problems since and I am on the second 15kg bag.  He is putting on weight fast, 2kg in four weeks, and I can visibly see him improving.  This is not even the food you specifically recommend for EPI but it is working.
I am actually tempted to say that Nutrix  (and the medication)has probably saved his life and in any case has made him a much happier dog.
Thanks a million.
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January 2014 and Bruce is now back up to 39 kg, his previous weight. Great product.
Posted By: Ian Heggie - 17 Feb 2014 9:39
Thank you for sharing your EPI problem, I also have a GSD with problems as yet not confirmed, but reading about it as much as I can have now ordered Nutrix for him. My 2 year old was 48Kilos a couple of months ago, but when I had him weighed at the vets last week he was only 45.8Kilos and very lethargic. I hope the Nutrix will sort out his dietry nightmare as it has done with your Bruce. Thanks again and best wishes.
Posted By: Margaret Hall - 9 Jun 2014 11:46
I would just like to say my dog loves your food and your delivery service is first class,thanks again.
Posted By: lorina garden - 6 Nov 2015 14:33

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