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Bert the labrador

Bert the labradorMy lovely 5 year old Labrador Bert had always been a lethargic dog compared to my other Labrador Charlie. He began to lose weight this summer and began to look like skin and bone. Even after upping his portions he continued to lose weight and his stools - which had always been a little loose every so often - became almost permanently like this over a week. I came across Nutrix Pet Foods and EPI and took him straight to the vets, but not before placing an order for Nutrix duck and potato. Within one week Bert was putting on weight and had energy levels he had never shown before. Now he is like a reborn puppy and his stools are always solid. His fur is soft and he looks like the Labrador that we always knew we had but had rarely seen. I cannot recommend Nutrix highly enough as a dog food. Charlie and Bert now eat Nutrix every day and they have the coats of champions and the energy levels of dogs just embarking on adulthood rather than middle age. Thank you so much Nutrix !

Stuart Hogg

November 2012
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