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5 / 5
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Our 9 week old Cockapoo has left the 'premium' shop bought food in her bowl, the Nutrix has been 'woofed' down, the results speak for themselves. If you need convincing, just try a sample, I bet 100% you will never go back! we have been feeding our 2 cats Nutrix cat food for years and they Love it, I also bought the puppy treats, again a superb quality product! Even the cats adore them, learning new tricks previously unwilling to try. Full stars and more for a true premium product.
Jon H. 3/16/2020 at 10h11
5 / 5
Choose your bag size : 12Kg
Our labrador puppy has been on this food for two months now and is doing really well. His loose stools have firmed up and he has a lovely shiny coat. He is regularly complemented on his condition as he is not too fat and looks a perfect picture of health. Nutrix is certainly suiting him.
Lesley G. 4/10/2017 at 11h41
5 / 5
Choose your bag size : 12Kg
We have only just started our 5 month old labrador pup on this food. So far so good. His breeder recommended puppy food gave him loose stools which made us suspect gluten or grain intolerance. We are steadily mixing it in increasing quantities with Nutrix and are already seeing an improvement.
Lesley G. 2/16/2017 at 19h06
Hi There, Unfortunately we don't control when the review emails are sent out as it is a 3rd party service, and they don't have an option for a delayed email- and are automatically triggered when the item is shipped which does mean that the email is sent before you actually receive the product unfortunately.
Nutrix Pet Foods 2/11/2017 at 17h16