Ollie is always ready for some more

Ollie is always ready for some moreOllie was a very poorly boy before Nutrix was discovered. We order the same recipe every time, for the past 4 years and as you can tell, Ollie still canít get enough!!! your service is always fantastic and Ollie is a very healthy and bright 8 year old and we just want to say THANKS ! x

Carys and Ollie

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Megan and her English Bull Terrier

Megan and her English Bull Terrier
Hi there!

I just wanted to send you a quick message about how much my little English Bull Terrier is enjoying your food! He seems to be rather fussy about what flavours and textures he likes, but your food seems to do the trick!

I've attached a little picture of him, in case you wanted to see!

Thank you again and I hope you carry on making great dog products.

Best wishes,

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Nanook and Loki

Nanook and LokiJust
like to say thank you... (by Janet Hill)

I've two beautiful dog's thanks to Nutrix
dog food. My beautiful siberian husky came to us with hideous digestive
problems, she had ulcers from top to bottom and would cry going to the
All the treatment the vet gave and foods did nothing ... we even
talked about pts as we felt she was suffering to much... so wide awake
trailing the internet I found Nutrix pet food, one
I'd not tried. After reading the information I ordered the food... it
arrived in good time, Noodles ate the food no problems. This was
fabulous, as she had made the connection food =pain. Within 24hrs she
had done a solid poo ....I cried, but kept my fingers crossed and
excitement calm and waited. Within one week her mouth and bottom
ulcers had gone and best of all we could see this cheeky girl coming
alive. Over a year later she's still doing fabulous and looks
amazing... and produces the best solid poos (never thought I'd be
excited to say that ).

So thanks again LOVE nanook, Loki and
mummy & daddy.
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Karen and Dot the dalmatian

Karen and Dot the dalmatian
Hi Chris

Just wanted to give you an update on how Dot's getting on with your Senior Salmon, Trout & Sweet Potato diet.  She's been on 100% your diet for 3 days now... & has changed on to it with no problems at all - she had 5 days on 75% old diet/25% your diet, 5 days 50/50 & 5 days 25/75... then your diet only.  She's enjoying your food & poos have remained nice & firm!

Her old diet (Barking Heads Fish n Delish) contained similar ingredients so I thought the change would go OK - but experiences with my sensitive dalmatians has taught me not to assume that dietary changes will go smoothly!!  READ MORE >
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Teal and her pups

Teal and her pups
Chris, here are some photos of Teal and Pups, she was one of James Pritchard Barretts puppies. She has always been fed on Nutrix food and has  flourished and recently gave birth to 8 healthy black labs. Who are also liking the Nutrix puppy food at 6 weeks she is still feeding and looking amazingly well considering what she has be through.
Thank You for all your help.
Liz Woodd-Walker
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Billy and Mimi - Leigh's bulldogs

Billy and Mimi - Leigh's bulldogsHi there,
Thought I'd send a picture of my Bulldogs, Billy & Mimi, who enjoy your dog food very much. Bulldogs notoriously have sensitive skin and have reactions to almost anything. Mimi almost always had a bald patch somewhere or other but since I changed to your food she hasn't had a single outbreak, her allergies now cured.
Thank you very much

Leigh buys Nutrix Duck and potato dog food
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Lucinda's labrador and german shepherd

Lucinda's labrador and german shepherdI discovered your site a few months ago after reading a recommendation on a forum. My labrador had awful diarrhoea every few days and my vet recommended a very expensive prescription diet containing grains, but as I suspected these were the problem, I decided to give her a go on your duck & potato. I now have one very happy, shiny, less-smelly lab! I have also changed my six-month old German Shepherd over to your junior salmon recently, and in combination with your chicken puppy food she is doing very well. There's just so little poo you'd never think I had two dogs!

So thank you for making decent local food (I am in Huddersfield) and be assured I recommend it to anyone who moans about doggy diarrhoea (lovely closing comment, sorry).

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Phillip's Weimaraners

Phillip's WeimaranersJust a belated thank you for your kind telephone help and for providing such an excellent product. I have just sent in my third order.
As a testimonial here are a few details.

We live in France and have an Englsh male weimaraner (9 years old) and a French female weimaraner (5 years old). READ MORE >>

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Bruce the German Shepherd

Bruce the German ShepherdHi Chris,

Bruce, one of my German Shepherds was recently diagnosed with EPI. at 4 years old.  We had suspected it for some time and eventually confirmed with a blood test. He went from 41.5 kg to 31.8 kg in about 11 months.  Bruce was put on to Lypex immediately and, while there was some improvement he was still subjected to diarrhoea about every 3 or four days.  Reading up on the problem revealed a grain free diet was the probable answer.  READ MORE >

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Herbie the weimaraner

Herbie the weimaranerHope these show what a happy, healthy boy Herbie is now. We got him last Christmas from the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain rescue kennel to keep our female weimaraner, Purdey, company. He had diarrhoea when we got him which they said would settle down but it just got worse and we had no medical history either being a rescue dog. READ MORE >>

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Mia and Fen

Mia and Fen
Hi Chris, as you asked I am sending photo of my lovely Flat coated Retrievers Mia & Fen. They have both been reared from pups on Nutrix food and have developed beautifully. Their coatsgleam like gloss paint and people comment on their appearance. The older dog at 7 years picks up on shoots throughout the shooting season and has great strength and stamina. The younger one at 13 months has grown well with plenty of muscle and a stunning coat. In fact she recently won a competition at a local country show for the dog in the best condition beating some 30 entrants.

Please feel free to use the above on your website.

Diane Fenton

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This is jasper he is an epi dog. We adopted jasper on the 31st jan this year and on his foster mummy's recommendations we tried the duck and potato complete food and he loves it he has also put on some weight which is great for him but also puts me at ease a little showing we are keeping his epi under control. Jasper will be staying on this food thanks nutrix xx

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Molly the cocker spaniel

Molly the cocker spanielOur dog Molly was diagnosed with Pancreatitis in September last year and was very poorly on a drip at the vets for over a week. She came home but was still recovering for some time. She was put on a strict diet of chicken, rice and vegetables which she enjoyed, but no matter how much we fed her, she was always frantically hungry and lost so much weight, she looked like she was wasting away - we were really starting to worry. We were talking about Molly to a lady called Jackie from our local supermarket and it turns out, her dogs had also had pancreatitis and she told us about Nutrix. READ MORE

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Daisy the black labrador

Daisy the black labradorOur 8 month old labrador Daisy, had never had 'good' stools. They were more like yellow cowpats, sometimes bright green. She also suffered greatly with puppy wind. Eventually, things got so bad that she was passing blood and mucus as well. We took her to our vet who diagnosed colitis, prescribed anti-biotics and a change of diet to rice and fish until her stomach was settled. This we did until she was 'clear', when we started to gradually re-introduce biscuits, when the problem started again. After 3 or 4 attempts of plain diet then gradual introduction of 'normal' food, then the recurrence of the intestinal problem, we wondered if Daisy was wheat intolerant. We thought of this because she was energetic, not losing weight and still had a lovely shiny coat - so, clearly, not ill... READ MORE

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Bert the labrador

Bert the labradorMy lovely 5 year old Labrador Bert had always been a lethargic dog compared to my other Labrador Charlie. He began to lose weight this summer and began to look like skin and bone. Even after upping his portions he continued to lose weight and his stools - which had always been a little loose every so often - became almost permanently like this over a week. I came across Nutrix Pet Foods and EPI and took him straight to the vets, but not before placing an order for Nutrix duck and potato... READ MORE

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Ginger... nutty no more

Ginger... nutty no more
Ginger is our chocolate lab rescue dog and we adopted her in Dec 2011. She is a high energy working breed and as nutty as a fruitcake but adorable.

We noticed early on that she snapped her jaws together on occasions and as time progressed she started biting at imaginary flies and chomping at the air. Over 6 months, it grew worse and it was distressing to watch. We took her to the vet and she suggested that she may have 'petit mal' which like epilepsy, results in fit like seizures. If this was the case then Ginger would likely be required to take barbiturates long term. The vet suggested that we keep a diary of her episodes over the next two weeks and report back. However, after a week it became obvious that her 'fits' were worst after eating. I studied the internet and read as much as I could about 'petit mal'. I read several blogs on different sites where owners... READ MORE

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Kita's story

Kita's story
Hi my name is Mark and this is the story of my dog Kita.

In June 2011 I purchased a beautiful Japanese Akita puppy which the children named Kita she was a happy and healthy dog with a fantastic temperament and all was well.

In November she started to have a bout of diarrhoea I was not alarmed as dogs do tend to get this from time to time, I did the normal thing and gave her a bland diet of boiled rice and chicken expecting this to clear up the problem in a couple of days however this did not happen. After a week of persistent diarrhoea I took Kita to the vets with some concern as she was also visibly losing weight, the Vet checked her over and took some samples of her faeces to send to the laboratory. After 48 hours the Vet called me saying that Kita's sample had shown signs of a bug she prescribed... READ MORE

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Testimonial for Nutrix

Testimonial for Nutrix
I just wanted to echo some of your other positive testimonials and say thanks. We had Maple our 3 year old Labrador bitch on another branded dog food under the recommendation of a breeder. However she always had runny stools and the food was obviously disagreeing. Having read a lot of reports online why wheat and cereal rich dog food is not natural for dogs I discovered your brand and decided to give it a try. First time we fed it to Maple she went wild with excitement and scoffed it down. Amazingly her stools firmed up immediately and she is visibly much healthier. She has just had puppies and I am sure the protein rich diet has helped her through this difficult feeding period when her 9 pups really take it out of her. We have now weaned the puppies onto your puppy food and they are thriving on it. During the early weaning process we tried various other puppy food, soaking it beforehand to make it easy in the early stages... READ MORE

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Cocker spaniel with EPI

Cocker spaniel with EPI
I am so grateful to Maria and to Nutrix. My 6 year old Cocker Spaniel became ill quite suddenly at the beginning of January. He had bright yellow diarrhoea and began to lose weight. He was also very hungry all the time and ate his faeces when he could.

Initially, as I was away, I took him to a vet I didn't know, who prescribed a worm tablet and a paste to help solidify his diarrhoea.This had no effect; neither did a second prescription. When I got home,my own vet then sent off blood and faeces samples. By now I was desperately worried. My little dog had lost 2kg and was obviously not digesting anything. When the vet told me it was a pancreatic insufficiency which was easily treatable I was so relieved. However, I administered the enzyme twice a day and fed him his original food as recommended by the vet, but this had no effect. I now searched the internet and found epi4dogs which recommended feeding no grain, and suggested Nutrix for those residing in the UK... READ MORE

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Buster's story

Buster's storyWe have had Buster since October last year following the death of our 11 year old Old English Sheepdog. We were lost without our old boy and were fortunate to be able to take Buster-boy as a rescue dog. He came to us with 'behavioural issues', had been put on a special diet and he was very lean. We were also told that he didn't open his bowels very often and he was a very nervous dog on arrival. We knew the nature of these lively, loyal and very loving dogs and started to introduce him to a well know dried brand of dog food, with daily walks and ball-games!. He was becoming more like a normal, bouncy Old English, but still had loose, erratic motions... READ MORE

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